How to Build Muscle Without Overdoing it.

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Train smart building muscle

§ Resistance training is probably the easiest and most common form of exercise to increase muscle. No brainer I guess!

§ Allow enough time for recovery. That means getting enough rest, and allowing enough time between workouts for your muscles to restore and strengthen. Experiment around to find out what will be the best recovery time for you. Anywhere from 2 days to 1 week before training the same body parts again is common.

§ Try splitting different days up into different body parts if you like. This will allow you to do more on each body part in each session and shortens the time you spend in the gym. The catch is that you’ll have to visit the gym more often to cover your whole body.

§ Focus on compound exercises involving larger muscle groups and movement by 2 joints rather than isolation exercises that concentrate on specific and smaller muscles and movements over one joint. For example, bench presses are better for building muscle than lots of smaller pec exercises. Squats are better than doing leg extensions. This may mean you may not need to spend too much time with isolation exercises such as bicep curls and tricep pushdowns. Far too often we see people doing as much for their biceps and triceps (which are small muscle groups) as they would for their chest, back and legs (the bigger, major muscle groups. Not only that, but when performing exercises for the large muscle groups, you work the smaller ones at the same time. So effectively, you could be doing more for your smaller muscles, than you do for you bigger ones when you start to isolate! Now that doesn’t make sense does it??

§ Keep your workouts short and intense. One of the classic muscle building tips. 45mins is an ideal time to spend on a weights only workout. Obviously if you have more body parts to cover in a session it may take a little longer, but 1hr is more than enough. It is fine to spend half an hr to 45 mins. In fact I recommend. Not only is it a scientific fact that workouts of this duration are ideal for muscle growth, but it also aids as a mental bonus when you know all you have to do is spend 45 mins in the gym. A lot easier to have an intense workout for 45 mins than it is for 2 hrs!

§ Build Your Core! It is especially common to leave abs and lower back (core) until the end of a workout as an after thought. Your body works in synergy and that includes your core supporting your body in motion. If you are getting stronger at the extremities (arms, legs) and your core can’t support because it isn’t strengthening at a similar rate as the rest of your body, then something has to give, next thing you know Ooops! a slipped disc.

§ Guys, don’t neglect your legs! Not only will it keep you in proportion, but it helps the rest of your body’s ability to grow muscle. Shapely legs set everything else off.

§ Take some time off. Take a week off every 8-12 weeks. Your mind and body both need time to rejuvenate. Sometimes taking time off is one of the hardest things to do, but when you push through it, you’ll find it will give you great recovery, longevity with training, and mental rest.

§ Work out what works for YOU. You’ll get lots of advice and read a lot of conflicting information as to what is the best amount of reps or sets to do to build muscle. Well here’s the best piece of advice I can give… EXPERIMENT! Try reps of 4-6, 6-8, 8-12 and 12-15. What’s more important is to keep making progressive improvements over time. You do that by increasing the weight, or increasing the reps or sets. Your body will naturally increase in strength and muscle, and you will be forcing it to do so by making gradual changes!

§ Take care when following professional bodybuilder muscle building tips and routines. In many circumstances (many many!!) professional body builders can train differently to the average person because certain artificial substances aid in recovery and growth. If you are not eating, recovering, possess the same freakish genetic gifts, and doing the same substance program that they are doing, why would you follow the same training advice. Training will compliment everything else (including genetics), so train within your means. Experiment and see what works.

§ Making sure you’re eating properly to compliment your training is crucial. This is one of the best muscle building tips I can give you. To consistently put on lean muscle, and avoid putting on fat or not putting on any weight at all, take control of your eating habits. Don’t let you hard work in the gym go to waste.

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I’ve been working out for good time but having problems loosing my belly. Can some one help me with this? Thanks

Hi Nito, Take a look at my latest post for your answer and thanks for the question, it helps to have some real questions to answer.


I have been working out to gain muscles for some time but I don’t have time to do daily . As a result I haven’t got any desired results.

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