Guys! How You Can Get Lean, Musclular and Strong

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man1_w300_h200.jpgHey Guys! Do you dream of having a six pack like Brad Pitt in “Troy”? Or a the whole package like Arnie in “Terminator”?

The Good news is that you can have a lean, muscular body at any age. It takes a little dedication on your part but you can do it! Taking into consideration your body type and your genetics you can build a muscular physique that compliments you and gets you feeling great and the looks you want.

To be sculpted, lean and strong means creating a healthy lifestyle and the inclusion of a regular resistance program, as well as:

  • following a balanced eating plan that includes fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrain carbs and good quality proteins and lipids to feed your muscles and give you energy
  • regular cardiovascular training including; running, aerobics, rollerblading, swimming etc…)
  • staying hydrated by drinking a minimum of 2 ltrs of water a day, this means water, it doesn’t mean sports drinks or coffee or tea or soft drinks/sodas all if these contain sugar among other things that are de-hydrating
  • getting enough sleep – for most people this means about 7-8 hours
  • nutritional supplements that support muscle growth and repair and energy levels.

Why not get started today.

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Every guy just dream of having six packs. This is the latest trend now a days. Your blog will them to a great extent.

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