5 (quiet) Exercises To Keep You Fit in The Office

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Our modern lifestyle has many of us sitting in a chair for most of the day, either hunched over a computer or a desk. It can be difficult to keep in shape, here are a few (quiet) answers to help you through your day.

1. Sit on an Exercise Ball instead of a chair. This is great! The general movement of the ball swivels your hips and spine and help to prevent spinal fusion and sore hips. It also provides your ‘core’ with a passive workout throughout the day, helping to keep you strong.

2. Drink water! De-hydration is rife as our body deals with air conditioning and a diet filled with coffee and cola. Remember anything with caffeine and sugar is de-hydrating as is air conditioning. Drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day and add another glass for every coffee or cola you drink.

3. Stretching. Stretching not only feels great, but it helps to elongate your muscles again, resolve cramping (if your getting cramps you might not be drinking enough water), increases circulation to muscles and joints, improves alertness and improves your posture.

4. Do some sit ups. On the floor (if you are able) or better yet, right on your exercise ball. Sit ups are often avoided, but the benefits are many. Stronger, toned abs and core which can do wonders for back pain just for a start. Having nice abs is so much more attractive for men and women, and that could lead to all sorts of benefits I can’t write about here. For those of you who have a lot of trouble doing sit ups, try this version, which isn’t strictly a sit up at all but the benefits are the same:

Lie on the floor, raise you arms and head and the top of your shoulders off the floor and hold in a relaxed way. Then, slowly raise your legs off the floor until they are almost vertical, and then slowly lower your legs again until almost back on the floor, but keeping your heels off the floor. Repeat until you have done at least 5 of these and work up to more as you get better. (Remember: at all times your arms, head and shoulders do not move from their original position and your heels do not touch the floor until you are finished.)

5. Push ups. They are a great way to strengthen your upper torso, shoulders, arms, abs and lower back. Do them against a handy wall or right down on the floor.Yoga pushup pose

Another Yoga version of the push up, called Push up pose or Chataranga is great for those with back pain and is great for strengthening your core, is the Bridge. Just begin as if you’re doing a pushup, with your body raised up off the floor on your arms and feet. Begin to lower you body by bending your arms until tucked in beside your chest and then hold. Yes, keep holding for at least 2 minutes and work up to 5.


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Sounds like some good easy ways to keep fit in the office. I hope no one gives me funny looks doing sit ups and push ups on the office floor. Thanks for the info.

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