Ten Fat Burning Snack Foods

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pacman negative caloriesAre you like me, do you get a craving for something, anything (usually chocolate) at about 3pm? Or do you get the midnight munchies? Do you look longingly at the platters being passed round at parties? No matter what time of day you get hungry, there is an answer that will burn your weight off rather than add to it.

Here is a list of amazing snack foods that actually burn more calories/joules than they contain! How? When you eat foods that contain what is called ‘negative calories’ it means that your body produces more enzymes that it needs in response to these foods. These enzymes have a job to do and that is to act like little pac-men and break down carbs, protein and fats. When there is an abundance of little pac-men in response to a given food, then they need something to eat/break down and go looking for it, even amongst our fat stores.

This means a 5 calorie/joule piece of celery may take 30 calories to burn, resulting in 25 negative calories/joules. Don’t we just love those little pac-men?

So here’s the list of ‘negative calorie’ snack foods. Enjoy! knowing that you’re doing yourself good while your munching away.

  • Cabbage – add it to all your salads for extra fullness and extra pac-men. I like red cabbage in my salads as it looks and feels more like a treat.
  • Celery
  • Carrots – thinly sliced into every salad is great.
  • Tomatoes – I love the low acid tomatoes or the little cherry tomatoes.
  • Berries – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries
  • Grapefruit – one of the best!
  • Melons – watermelon, honeydew, rock melon (cantaloupe)
  • Peaches or Nectarines
  • Oranges, mandarines etc…

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5 Responses to “Ten Fat Burning Snack Foods”

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Thanks for these awesome tidbits (I should say Bites!) of information.

Your very welcome, hope you enjoy some more.

Are these considerd catabolic foods?

Yes, They are Catabolic foods. Catabolic foods burn more energy than they contain, the opposite of anabolic foods which give more energy than is required to digest them.

This really sounds interesting but not new to me. Isn’t it so that vegetables can be eaten always? I thought that you can eat tomatoes or snacks which are listed above can be eaten in bulks. Isn’t it so?

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