Going to ‘Bootcamp’ May Treat Chronic Pain

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A ballet teacher in the U.S. has overcome years of chronicfitness bootcamp
pain, just by going to Bootcamp. According to the lady herself she had literally tried everything; patches, vitamins, injections, prescription narcotics, and a battery operated device that uses electrical impulses to prevent pain. Nothing worked.

Surgery was her next and only (she thought) option, Gayle P was even in the surgeons waiting room when she picked up a magazine and read about a Fitness Bootcam. Two weeks into the program she and her husband met for lunch and a tour of the local museum, later that day her husband rang with an startling observation. She hadn’t once mentioned her back pain!

This observation got Gayle P thinking and true enough she wasn’t even thinking about her back or her pain, armed with new strategies and breathing techniques if and when she had a flare up Gayle is back at work and back at the barre and recovering her old life and a new one.

Dr James Cross, says that chronic pain is crippling nations and that often the simplest solutions are the best, getting in shape forces the body to increase its core strength and so the muscles begin to support the spine and encourage new life to ligaments and joints. Rewiring the brain to ignore the pain through movement and breathing also allows what is essentially a short circuit in the brain chemistry to begin to come back to normal values. Dr Cross stated that, “…if acute pain is the bodies alarm system, alerting the body to injury causing dangers, then chronic pain is an alarm going haywire, screaming a warning long after the danger has passed.”

So for those who would like to know more about Bootcamps at Wamuran, please see our program director, Andrea for more details on when the next Bootcamp will be held.


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