Immune Boosting Foods for the Cold and Flu Season

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Stay fit, well and feel great with these foods during the cold and flu season. When you body is in balance and getting all it needs, colds and flu’s can be a thing of the past. Even Pasteur himself stated that it was the terrain not the germ, by which he meant that it is your body’s health that prevents germs from affecting you.

So eat lots of these foods in yummy, hot soups and stews and warm winter drinks, or just eat them the way they came for health and a tasty snack.

Leafy greens can be eaten any time of year: Kale, seaweed and algae which are great sources of vitamin D, this top immunity booster usually comes from sunshine, but if you’re indoors a lot or in the winter you might need to boost your levels. Along with a stronger immune system you will also be boosting your bone density and your nervous system.

Kiwi fruit, grapefruit, lemons – mmmm hot lemon and honey tea, and of course oranges: juiced or eaten straight for Vitamin C. More Vitamin C can be found in cabbages, capsicums, tomatoes, cayenne and broccoli along with many antioxidants known for keeping you healthy. Cayenne can also help to prevent those virus’s and bacteria from getting a hold on you.

Snacking on almonds, sunflower seeds and brazil nuts not only supplies you with Vitamin E, but are also a great source of fatty acids together they soften your skin, keep free radicals in check and boost your brain power. Brazil nuts are also high in selenium one of the most powerful immune boosters there are.

Put garlic in your soups and stews and the more the better, not only will it give your whole system a boost and protect your heart, it helps keep people with those dreaded bugs at a distance.

Spice up your life with a little ginger, soothes a sore throat, alleviates sinus congestion and calms nausea.

So get cooking and get healthy. Be Fit, Be Well.


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