Eating Breakfast Can Make You Slimmer!

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March 3 (Bloomberg) — American teenagers who skip breakfast are more likely to tigers milk smoothie                                                   be obese than those who eat a morning meal, according to a finding that researchers say may be linked to rising obesity among adolescents.

Teens that skipped the meal were five pounds heavier on average, ate less healthy during the day and exercised less frequently than those who ate breakfast, researchers reported in the journal Pediatrics.

The idea that skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain is not new. Studies have shown that eating breakfast can have beneficial effects on:

  • Appetite
  • Insulin resistance
  • Energy metabolism

One study found that obesity and insulin resistance syndrome rates were 35 percent to 50 percent lower among people who ate breakfast every day, compared to those who frequently skipped it.

 So make sure you eat breakfast and that your children (especially your teenagers) do too. I they’re worried about gaining weight provide them with a low-grain breakfast, as it is grains particularly refined grains that cause weight gain. Try a couple of peached eggs with wholegrain toast, or Fruit Salad and nuts, or try one of my ‘Tiger Milk’ fast food shakes:

Combine: 3/4 cup of Milk (A2 milk or organic milk is best) or

3/4/ cup of water with Whey Protein Concentrate (even better),

1 dessertspoon of lecithin,

1/2 cup of fruit (banana, berries, soft pear, rockmelon (cantaloupe), or any soft fruit that will not curdle the milk,

1 dessertspoon of wheatgerm.

Blend and serve for a breakfast that puts a tiger in your tank 😉 all day.


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