Bridal Bites & Wedding Weight Loss Tips

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Typically brides want to look their absolute best on the day, however at a time when you are often stressed andfit bride have a timetable that busier than Bangkok airport it is not the best time to go without food or sleep. Here are a few tips to help you look your best and feel your best on the big day:

  • If you’re going to try to slim down for the big occasion the most important thing you can do is to START EARLY. There is no point trying to lose 4 kg one week before your big day. Start a lifestyle eating plan designed not only to melt kgs., but to increase your energy levels so that you feel great too. Try my “A Rainbow On My Plate” eating plan available on the website under eBooks.
  • Be realistic, if you’ve never been a size 8 you will more than likely you will not magically be a size 8 for your wedding unless you give yourself lots of time and follow the plan to the letter. Including exercise!
  • I know you are more than likel going to feel stressed out and very busy, BUT diet and exercise go hand in hand and get you the results you want, not only a slimmer body, but feeling great as well. Both are needed to really enjoy your big day.
  • Do not skip meals or sleep, eat regularly, little and often is best when you are keeping the kind of schedule a wedding demands. So keep a munchbag full of nuts and seeds like: walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, pepitas and sunflower seeds to keep energy levels high; add in some dried apricots, and apples to give you a fruity boost. Eat lots of good quality vegetables and fruit, make sure to have a high protein breakfast and you should reach your wedding day slim, trim, taut and feeling terrific!

Congratulations and best wishes!


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4 Responses to “Bridal Bites & Wedding Weight Loss Tips”

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I think your link to “A Rainbow On My Plate” is broken – it has an extra “http”. It should be:

A friend of my introduced me to your ebook, a rainbow on my plate and told me that she also started using another ebook she bought at click2loseweight that teaches how to use natural food and spices to achieve weight loss in conjunction with yours and she has been able to quadruple her weight loss.

She said she was worried at first that her decision would create conflict but she quickly realized that the newly purchased ebook was not offering any diet pills but only food from the local grocery store. What’s even more remarkable is that she only paid ten bucks so she figured that she had nothing to lose but the cost of a macdonald’s chicken salad.

Thanks for that Andrea, I have fixed the link, that’s what happens when you get too many phone calls while you’re trying to post 🙂

I appreciate your help, Annie

Hi there! My name is Erica Duryea, I am a Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor and also a bride-to-be! My wedding will be in September 2009. I have a health and nutrition counseling practice where I work with women both one on one and in groups to educate them about the power of their food and lifestyle choices and the profound and circular relationship between our emotions, what we eat, and how we feel as a result. Ever since my engagement I have developed an interest in working with brides-to-be, because I understand firsthand the pressure that brides feel to want to look and feel their best on their wedding day. It is a new beginning, and many brides want to turn over a new leaf in their health and fitness before embarking on this next phase in their life.

I found your website during my own research, and I wanted to contact you to see if there would be any opportunity for some involvement with the site. I would love to contribute an article or post on healthy eating during the holidays, offer a list of tips for brides-to-be in the months leading up to the big day, or anything that you think your viewers might be interested in. My website is , and I also work with a wellness center called Path for Life . I would love to discuss options for collaboration with you, feel free to email me at Thanks!

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