Aerobic Fitness Could Help You Live Longer

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ScienceDaily (Apr. 10, 2008 β€” “Maintaining aerobic fitness through middle age and beyond can delay biological ageing by up to 12 years and prolong independence during old age, concludes an analysis published ahead of print in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Aerobic exercise, such as jogging, improves the body’s oxygen consumption and its use in generating energy (metabolism).

But maximal aerobic power starts to fall steadily from middle age, decreasing by around 5 ml/[kg.min] every decade.

But the evidence shows that regular aerobic exercise can slow or reverse the inexorable decline, even in later life. Research shows that relatively high intensity aerobic exercise over a relatively long period boosted maximal aerobic power by 25%, equivalent to a gain of 6 ml/ [kg.min], or 10 to 12 biological years.

“There seems good evidence that the conservation of maximal oxygen intake increases the likelihood that the healthy elderly person will retain functional independence,” says the author.

The other positive spin-offs of aerobic exercise are reduced risks of serious disease, faster recovery after injury or illness, and reduced risks of falls because of the maintenance of muscle power, balance, and coordination.”

Adapted from materials provided by BJM British Journal of Medicine.

A little oxygen can go a long way. Did you know that your brain weigh’s approximately 2% of your body weight, yet takes around 25% of your oxygen intake? Compared to the kidneys at 12% and the hearts measly 7% its no wonder we need to aerobicize for health. The heart must pump the blood all the way up to our brain and needs to stay healthy and fit to do a good job.

So stay fit and healthy, remember we can all begin at any age in any way we can, so get out there and get your heart pumping, go for a good walk, or run, or take an aerobics class, swim, or any other exercise that gets your heart racing and your breath rate up. Hmmmmmmm….. now I can think of a couple right now that I can’t print here, how about you?

Be Fit! Be Well! Do it online.


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