Aerobic Exercise Identified as a Brain Booster in Older Bodies

Posted on April 21, 2008. Filed under: wellbeing |

“Aerobic physical exercises that improve cardiovascular fitness also help boost cognitive processing speed, motor function and visual and auditory attention in healthy older people,” said lead review author Maaike Angevaren.

Around age 50, even healthy older adults begin to experience mild declines in cognition, such as occasional memory lapses and reduced ability to pay attention. Convincing evidence shows that regular exercise contributes to healthy aging, but could the types of exercise a person does influence his or her cognitive fitness?

Angevaren and her colleagues at the University of Applied Sciences, in Utrecht, evaluated 11 randomized controlled trials, comprising about 670 adults ages 55 and older, which examined the effects of aerobic exercise on areas of cognition including cognitive processing speed, memory and attention.

Nine studies took place in the United States; one occurred in France and another in Sweden.

– Center for the Advancement of Health (2008, April 20). Aerobic Exercise Boosts Older Bodies And Minds, Review Suggests.

Well there we have it folks, talking that walk, moving that body and getting your heart rate up not only increases your fitness as you get older, it helps with cognitive function as well. You could have a young body and a young mind, if you do regular exercise and get your blood pumping.

Aerobic exercise is defined as exercise that speeds your heart rate and increases and improves the bodies consumption of oxygen, ‘huffing and puffing’ in layman’s terms.

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