Kids and Fitness Centres What Can You and They Expect?

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Kids and fitness just seem to go together, we all remember being younger and fitter and how much easier it was to maintain a level of fitness that can almost seem out of reach once we are older. However, I hfit kidsad to have a long talk to a mother just the other day about her son wanting to join her at the Fitness Centre, now usually I am all for it as kids these days often sit around playing online games or play station. However this 8 year olds fitness goals were a little out of reach for his age. Most children these days could be fitter and healthier and this should be encouraged.

He wanted to build muscle. I had to explain to his mum and to him that at his age this was unlikely to happen, and interestingly mum seemed more put out than he did. Under the age of about 12 boys do not have enough testosterone to create muscle bulk and having those goals means that at the age of 8 this young man was in for some disappointment, not only that he might injure his growing frame while trying for such an unrealistic goal. Remember at this age they are still growing and building the frame that will support them as an adult, we do not want to put so much stress on their growing bodies that we allow them to hurt this process.

Better to coach younger fitness club members to rearrange their goals to suit their age and aim for muscle bulk once they are old enough to have the correct hormones and frame to handle it. AT his age this young mans goals need to be to feel fit and toned and strong for his age. To be able to handle the rigors of school and his favorite BMX competitions with ease and create strong, healthy bones that won’t break too easily when he comes off one of his bikes.

With these kinds of goals younger fitness centre members can feel the sense of achievement as they work toward their goals just like their parents growing and thriving and creating a great habit of healthy exercise and fitness that will last them their whole life. So have fit kids, just remember to help them create realistic goals about their fitness and what they can achieve, this too will be a good habit for them to create while they’re young.

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