Don’t Get Bored By Your Fitness Routine

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boredAre you doing the same old routine day after day? Whether you exercise at home or at a Fitness Centre you will get really bored if you’re doing the same old thing day after day and your body will be bored too. Yes, your body will show you it’s bored by plateauing, you will no longer be getting the great results that you started out with. Muscles create something called ‘muscle memory’ and this can be a really good thing as it means that the gains you made yesterday or the day before are easier to regain.

However ‘muscle memory’ can also mean that your muscles lose their initial energy levels when repeating the same movements over and over again. To keep making fitness gains you will need to spice up your exercise routine on a regular basis, for your muscles and for you, this is great news. Put a spring in your step by using your imagination to create new routines, remember anything that gets your heart rate up, your blood pumping and using your muscles is exercise (I think we often forget that). Now, what can you think of that does all that?

Hmmm, well I know that’s one of them, but you can’t do that all day long 🙂

Why not try some of these ideas:

  • get your groove on – Yes, DANCE. Take a regular class or just crank up the music and dance on your living room floor, not only will you be getting some aerobic exercise you will have a smile on your face as well. I love to dance and this is one way to get fit and have fun all at the same time.
  • SWIM – get in the water and do some laps, this is great if your in summer weather right now, try doing different stroke styles to exercise as many different muscles as you can.
  • STAIRS – find some stairs and run up them and down them until you are tired, and then do it again.
  • take a CROSS COUNTRY RUN – get out into nature and run through the trees, jumping over obstacles on your way (take care to make sure it is safe to land on the other side). This kind of cross country running gives your reactive time a workout as well.
  • MARTIAL ARTS – go kick and punch and work on your anger issues all at the same time. Therapy in a Dojo, I call it, I did Karate for 3 years after I left my husband and now I don’t feel the need to hurt anymore. I got it all out on the mat the fun way.
  • PLAY WITH YOUR KIDS – get out in the yard and surprise your children by playing a game of cricket, soccer, baseball or football with them. Better yet play a game of ‘catch me if you can’ and see who who catches who, I be the kids win.
  • WALK or RUN or PLAY WITH THE DOG – have you ever thrown a frisbee and then raced your dog to catch it! The dog will think your crazy and will love it and you will get as good a workout as the dog.

Varying your exercise routine is only limited by your imagination, so let your imagination go crazy and start to look forward to your daily exercise again.

BE Fit BE Well do it online.


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