Gear up to Give Birth

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As a Natural and Bodywork Practitioner and Birth Coach for over 20 years I have seen my fair share of labour and birth and of course pregnant women, first-timers and those who have done it all before. One of the things I have noticed is that many women, particularly younger, first times is that they seem to be getting more fearful of the birth process.

Years ago, young women were often taught about childbirth by the other women in their family or village and had often witnessed other women giving birth and so they had more of a sense of how it all works and also the very important sense that they would be supported by understanding women through their experience as well. This gave them a sense of safety about the upcoming labour and birth.

One of the things that slows and complicate labour is fear, so for many years now I have coached women through their pregnancies and often their labour to give them a sense of competency and control over their experience. I am now, moving in a slightly different direction in my career but still want to help women to understand that they hold much of the control over their birth experience in their hands by good preparation strategies. Including specialised exercises to help prepare the body for the birth process, strategies to keep calm and things you can do during labour that can help advance delivery times and help to avoid complications.

Of course sometime things still go awry, however when they do you can know that you did the very best that you knew how throughout your pregnancy and birth to achieve a good outcome for you and baby. New Mum’s need to know that there is no shame in having to resort to using obestetric help when needed, the main outcome of all pregnancies after all is a health mother and baby.

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In past many young women know all the processes of labour. They had all the knowledge from their grand parents but now labour pains become scary for young mothers. Fear and excitement make the labour slow and complicated.

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