More to Die From Being Overweight Than Smoking Soon

Posted on May 7, 2008. Filed under: health, weightloss, wellbeing | Tags: , , |

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Well they’ve finally predicted it we’re dying of having too much or rather eating the wrong things. In a list of preventable diseases, according to an article in the Sacremento Bee (a Californian based paper) obesity related diseases, caused by poor diet and lack of exercise, are about to come out on top of the ‘death list’, a list you obviously do not want to be on.

The real shame in all of this is that this list is about preventable diseases! These problems are preventable and so it is a bit like dying from indulgence, and that is a shame. Once upon a time our ancestors ate more fresh vegetables and fruit, quality protein and whole grains. A softdrink or soda when I was a child was a once a week or month treat, not a daily staple as it has become for many and fast-food was something that happened only when we driving on holiday or as a once-in-a-blue-moon treat. What happened?

We are killing ourselves with kindness, and as my Mum has taught me sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind. “So get off your butts, start eating your Vege’s and live longer!” That’s straight from my Mum to you!

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