Limiting Beliefs Part 2

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Yesterday we were talking about how limiting beliefs can block your health and fitness goals, here is Part 2 to that post so that you can continue on your journey to health and wellbeing, and flow right past your stopping points like never before:

Prove it!: One of my favourite ‘Habits of Thought’ is to ask myself to Prove it! If I have a negative thought about myself or my life such as, “I can’t do this.” or “No-one really loves me” I find the easiest and simplest way to get past a thought like that is to ask myself to prove it. This is when I sit down and go though my memories while being brutally honest and find all memories that relate to that statement or thought.

Funnily enough, I usually prove the thought wrong, because there are usually  many instances when I have been string enough, or loved enough, or have done that or something like it, have climbed over an obstacle, or been praised and just ignored it. That is when I can recognise that thought for what it really is:

A self-defeating thought meant to give me an excuse to fail.

Another great way of passing your old limiting beliefs by is to challenge the thought with Futuring: Find a thought that is stopping you (or trying to), “No-one in this family has ever been healthy or fit.”

Ask yourself these questions:

  • If I live with this assumption what will my future be like?
  • What will my children’s future be like?
  • Is this the future I want for myself and my children?
  • What will my future and that of my children if I choose to believe I can be healthy and fit?

I know which road I would pick, often it can seem all too hard, but when you look into the future in this way you can often see that both choices may not be easy at first, but that the outcome of one is far better than the other.

So, today and tomorrow take notice of your thoughts about your health and fitness and get to challenging those thoughts of limitation. In my crystal ball, I can see excellent health and a bodaciously fit body for you, just by passing your percieved limits by and trekking into the unknown – how exciting!

BE Fit BE Well do it online.


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