Excuses, Exercise Excuses: What’s Yours?

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What stops you from exercising? People give many excuses, some of them I have given myself, here are some of my favourites:

Cost: This can be true, but there are people out there who earn enough money to buy “essential” items like cigarettes, alcohol and beauty products or $150 on one dinner and yet cannot seem to find the $15 per week to go to a fitness centre and take care of their health.

Time: This one is a biggy, we all know we are stressed for time in a world that was meant to be made easier by automation and technology we are busier than ever. However, one thing all this added stress has done is make the need to take time out more important than ever. Take care of yourself or there will be no energy left for you to do all the things you have prioritised for yourself. The book, “7 Habit of Highly Successful People” teaches you to put your ‘me time’ as your first priority.

Energy: Are you too tired to exercise? It’s time to realise that exercise gives you more energy, not less, and the best time to exercise is when you are feeling tired and rundown. Get outside, walk, swim, surf, anything other than crash on the couch for yet another day.

Too Hard: This is a cop out, yes it will be difficult to begin, but everyone knows that fitness levels rise the more you exercise. The fitter you get the harder you can push yourself and the greater the satisfaction. If you are feeling too lazy to exercise, think about where you will be fitness and health wise in 10 years time, do you really want to be that unwell and that unfit? Stop the excuses and move your body.

What it all comes down to: It’s too late when your dead, you won’t have to worry about finding the money, the time or the motivation, that’s when you can be as lazy as you want. If you want to be lazy now, go ahead act like your dead right now. But, if you want to have the energy to play with your kids, dance with your partner, and enjoy time with loved ones it might be time to think seriously about getting some exercise.

What choice are you going to make today? Now ask yourself, why am I making that choice?

Be Fit Be Well do it online.


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absolutely.. very, very, very true!!
just always remember that fitness routine s just like marriage.. 😉

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