Reminder to YOU: Have Fun With Life

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I was talking with a member of the Fitness Centre yesterday and she had had a part (a fairly big part) in an amateur production on the weekend and she had told me about it the week before. Now, as I also knew that this lovely lady had also been a professional singer at one time, I asked her how it had gone while she worked out. “Hmmm, not very well,” was her reply as her face told the story.

Having been a professional, this lady had suffered pangs of embarrassment at the many things that had gone wrong in this country town amateur production. As I am a qualified Life Coach, I couldn’t help myself and gently probed the wound, this lady felt she suffered. Finally she told me how many things went wrong and how these amateurs had just gone on with the show with no shame about their mistakes and how everyone had laughed and clapped, even the mistakes!

So, I asked her, “Well, the audience obviously had a wonderful time, what about you?” The question was the first one to stop her in her tracks and get her thinking. “You know I used to so love being on stage and bringing joy to an audience, but I realise now that I was such a ‘party-pooper’, I am so arrogant!”

This is not where I wanted her to go exactly as she was still playing the blame game only this time it was directed at herself.. “Perhaps, you were not arrogant at all, merely wanting your audience to see a professional show and in your frame of mind they had missed out. Perhaps the lesson is not to understand what went wrong, perhaps it is to ask yourself why you didn’t just have fun with it. Everyone else obviously did.”

Now, that made her stop, her eyes actually glazed over as she digested this statement. I went on, just to press the point home, “You now I think that sometimes life sends us a chance to reclaim the joy we felt a long time ago, before we got so good at what we do, remember when we en-JOYed just doing a thing, when it was fun for us, and perhaps this amateur group is just what you need at this time in your life to reclaim that joy?”

There was total silence as she worked out and I left her to think about it, as this kind and sweet lady left the centre she came to me and hugged me tightly and said that I was right and it was years since she had truly felt relaxed about going on stage, she realised that she could handle things in a completely different way now that she had ‘got it.’ Now she had a chance to relax and if thing went wrong on stage, she could just play it up to the audience rather than try to pretend it hadn’t happened, it was ok again to fail as it could all be part of the show.

When was the last time you felt like that? When was the last time you knew it was ok to fail, because it’s all just part of the show or life? I have a secret to tell you: it is always ok to fail, because it is always just a part of life.

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