Do You Have a Wee Problem? Vibration May Be Key to Solving it

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Many women and even men can have challenges with their pelvic floor leading to urinary incontinence, it seems Vibration Platforms may prove to be an easy answer. According to the research the micro-reflex responses of your muscles to the vibration can not only improve your control, but may actually help you regain complete control over your wee problem altogether!

Apparently these micro-reflexes (tiny little contractions) of all the muscles in the body while using a vibration platform increase muscle strength and rehabilitate even muscles with poor response when used for just 10 minutes daily. The great thing about a vibration platform is that you can use it no matter how unfit you are, because all you really have to do is stand on it.

Here are a few of the improvements found during a 12 week clinical trial:

  • improved blood sugar control
  • elimination of hot flashes
  • improved joint range in thoracic spine
  • reduced swelling in inflamed joints
  • improved balance and therefore walking
  • improved sleep patterns
  • improved energy
  • cellulite remodelling: dimples are vanishing
  • improved muscular control throughout body

Can you imagine what a boost they would be to aged-care facilities and they are already being used in rehabilitation clinics all over the world. I can’t wait to take delivery of mine, 20 minutes a day and I will have solved my (not enough time to exercise properly) problem completely.

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