Did You Light Up Yesterday? Or did you quit for WNoTD?

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Universal no smoking sign

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World No Tobacco Day, is held every year on the 31st of May, that was yesterday, so did you quit for the day? Or did you ignore it, just like you ignore all the warning signs, the ads that turn your stomach and the people who let you know that they hate it when you light up near them.

I am one of those people, as an asthmatic I get really tense when someone is befouling the air I have a right to breathe, as if there isn’t enough pollution, you have to light up near me. Things are getting better, smoking is not allowed in shopping centres or restaurants any more and that is something to be thankful for. However, I do have a beef with the people who light up right at the entrance to the shopping centres where all their smoke is drawn in by the natural vacuum effect of a doorway and any prevailing winds.

And spare a thought for me when I have to walk through the billowing smoke the wreaths its way around the heads of the people there, who do not seem to care about others at all. I have friends who smoke, and even my son smokes occasionally, but he knows I will not kiss him unless he has showered and brushed his teeth. But this means I know that most smokers are nice people.

So why do so many of you, carelessly drop your butts where ever you like? Smoke in areas that you have to know will cause people like me to dry retch and generally seem not to care as long as you get your fix? It is so sad to see you act as if you have no conscience when I know that you do. Heed the warnings and save yourselves from the medical dangers and the perceptions of others believing you have no moral conscience.

Quit today and stay healthy.

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