Mining Minerals for Good Health

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The Bonneville Salt Flats.

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Minerals are essential for your health, I had a long talk last year with a biochemist Y.B. (a rather famous one) and we were talking about the role of protein, vitamins and minerals in the human body and the modern diet and we got onto the subject of ‘What is more important?’ among these essential nutrients.

Y.B. stated categorically, that without question in his mind it was minerals. As he said minerals form the source of all other nutrients here on earth at least (because as we all learned in science it is the sun from which we derive our energy).

Minerals he said form the basis for all other nutrients, vitamins cannot be synthesised or metabolised in the body without minerals, protein cannot be made for us to eat and benefit from without minerals in the plants etc..

So now I have a question for you, “Do you get enough minerals in your diet?

If you answered yes, how do you know? Is it because you know you eat a good diet, full of fresh colourful vegetables and fruit? I have some news for you, even if you eat well and we all really need to, you will not be getting all the minerals you need. Why?

Because our soils are severely defiencient! Little magnesium, zinc or manganese and almmost no or none of selenium, molybdenum and other important minerals and trace elements. So what are we to do?

Find a good quality supplement, and there-in lies the rub as my gran would say; most mineral supplements are based on ground or earth minerals and they are not really in a form we can use in the body. Our minerals really have to come from plants as they have already changed the minerals into a form we can use.

The answer lies in places like Utah, in the US where there are vast salt laked and in and around these salt lakes are deposits of ancient plant life that has consolidated over time into large areas of compressed matter that can be harvested and used by us to create great health!

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