Is Australia Becoming Becoming a Dictatorial Country?

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Australia I am on my soapbox today: I recieved this in my inbox today as I subscribe to the AVN newsletter and I am once again horrified that Australia is talking about forcing parents to do medical prodcedures on their children when they have the right to refuse. In Australia medical intervention is supposed to be voluntary, what happens when those rights are taken away? What’s next?

Whether you believe in vaccination or not, or radiation for cancer or not, we have the right to decide what is best for our children and we more importantly have the right to educate ourselves on the alternatives before deciding! (I am not talking about child abuse or neglect here, as far as I am concerned that needs to be attended to and often isn’t, how many children have I seen still in the hands of parents who torture and abuse them and yet nothing is done, it makes this fracas seem completely out of place).

The jury is still out worldwide on vaccination, and it is certainly exceedingly undecided as to what age to begin vaccination. Many countries have now changed their earliest age of vaccination to 2 years of age to help prevent the many incidences of reaction. I have personally seen children become epileptic and even die after their vaccinations.

I wonder why the incidence of Autism has suddenly risen in the last 30 years?? Did you know that in the US where vaccination is compulsory that the incidence of Autism is now at an alarming 1 child in every 166 from 1 in 20,000 20 years ago? I wonder what is causing it? Could it be the vaccinations?

Checkout this link for more: Mercola

Australians whether you believe in vaccinations or not, you must admit this kind of thing is taking away our rights to decide what is best for our children. What if the doctors or the government decide it is best to take our children and put them in schools away from us? Are we going to allow it? This kind of thing is just one step closer to allowing the powers that be to take away our freedoms and our children.

Thursday, August  21st, 2008 – For Immediate Release:

A NSW couple are tonight in hiding after hospital doctors and the Department of Community Services took out a court order insisting that their baby, who is now only 48 hours old, be vaccinated against Hep B.

Steven and Cassandra* are the proud parents of baby Jonathan, born in Sydney on Tuesday this week. Cassandra had tested positive for Hep B several years ago and so, before leaving hospital with their newborn, she was advised to give the baby a Hep B vaccination. Having done her research, she believed that her child was at greater risk from the vaccine than from Hep B. She refused the shot as did her husband. After all, vaccination is not compulsory in Australia.

Because of this refusal, Cassandra and Steven were informed by hospital staff that they were not allowed to leave the hospital until the child was vaccinated. Refusal to do so would result in their arrest and a loss of custody. Due to these threats, they agreed to make an appointment at their GP on Thursday afternoon to have the shot administered. DOCs was called in to witness the vaccination and they were sent home with a warning that they had better show up for the shot.

The parents consulted with an advisor at Mr Kevin Green’s office, the Minister for Community Services. They were informed that they were entitled to 72 hours to seek both legal and medical advice before this issue would be forced.

With that knowledge, they cancelled their appointment and prepared to find a good lawyer and medical advisor the next day. Unfortunately, once the appointment was cancelled, DOCs and the doctors involved at the hospital went into overdrive. They applied for and received a court order stating that this little baby had to be vaccinated by midnight tonight (Thursday, August 21st), a mere 48 hours after birth, or the parents would be found in contempt of court and would lose custody. Within a half an hour of this order, both DOCs representatives and the police were at this family’s home.

The parents are now in hiding and are hoping to be able to seek an injunction tomorrow stopping this court order and allowing them the time to do what any Australian is entitled to do – to inform themselves of the benefits and risks of vaccination and to make a decision based on what is best for their child. This right is enshrined in the 9th edition of the Australian Immunisation Handbook put out by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) – the guide to vaccination which is supposed to be followed by doctors and hospitals across Australia. This handbook states:

“Valid consent can be defined as the voluntary agreement by an individual to a
proposed procedure, given after appropriate and reliable information about the
procedure, including the potential risks and benefits, has been conveyed to the individual.”

Please note the use of the word voluntary. When parents are forced to vaccinate against their wishes in a country like Australia which does not have compulsory vaccination, this is in contravention to the federal government’s regulations regarding vaccination.

These parents are now on the run with their baby – living in fear at a time that should be the happiest time of their lives.

*Please note – names have been changed to protect these parents.

About Australian Vaccination Network, Inc.

The AVN is a non-profit, volunteer-run charitable association. Since 1994, the AVN has provided information and support to the general community who are trying to make informed choices about vaccination and health. Their lobbying in Federal Parliament has ensured that compulsory vaccination for children has not come to pass and they are the major reporters of vaccine adverse reactions to ADRAC (The Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee).

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6 Responses to “Is Australia Becoming Becoming a Dictatorial Country?”

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I have been following the progress of this story and I am shocked but not surprised that Dr. David Isaacs & his staff would go to so much trouble to ruin what could have been a very happy “family time” for this family. For some reason only known to him he has chosen this situation to promote himself. Hopefully a judge will see through his tactics and allow this family to return to Peace & Freedom. Doctors are not the law of the land! They should not be allowed to wield so much power over peace-loving citizens who are merely trying to survive in the best way possible. Freedom to chose one’s own and our children’s medical procedures should be protected not withdrawn. I support the parents’ efforts to protect their family and I hope that they receive all the support they need in this endeavor.

You make such good points here! Who actually cares the most about their children? Doctors, DOCS workers, judges or parents? The answer is obviously parents and that’s why these sorts of decisions need to be left up to us. Especially since, even in the medical community, there is a huge diversity of opinion as to the safety, effectiveness or necessity of medical vaccination.

All the best,

This story is tragic. I can not believe that a democratic government would allow this to happen (actually I CAN believe that they would allow this to happen).

I am donating to the fund, personally, to see to it that this child does not have to be injected with an abundance of toxins that DO NOT EVEN GUARANTEE THIS CHILD WILL NOT GET Hep B. in the first place!

It is such a shame that our freedoms are being taken away.

Thank you all for your support and comments on what I believe to be a very important issue.

My oldest son ended up with epilepsy from his first MMR vaccine and it was an older doctor who attended to him with his 103 temps for 3 days after his shot and told me never to vaccinate any of my children again as we were ‘sensitives.’

I never got any more immunizations for my children and they are healthy and happy and carrying on the family tradition of no vaccinations in this family.

Hep B Vaccine for a newborn!!!! That is the height of insanity. I cannot believe that is even legal, yet alone recommended and forced.

My adult friend got MS after her mandatory Hep B vaccine needed to work in a medical office and they want to give this poison to a newborn with no immune system. These doctors and social workers should be thrown in prison for abuse. Lock them up in a cell with lots of true information about what vaccines do. I am truly shocked.

Vaccines ruined many years of my daughter’s life until we finally figured out how to get the darn mercury out of her brain that was present in her vaccines (and my Rhogam shot that I had for nothing since I was too busy looking after a sick child to have another baby).

I’m outraged. How can a stranger have more power than a parent. Power to create illness?

They are certainly lucky they didn’t choose to do this to my family. Because if they did we wouldn’t be the ones now hiding, fearing for our safety. My husband would go completely berzerk and the doctors, judge, and DOCS employees would be the ones living in fear of their safety.

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