Meditation Is Easier With A Beat

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I teach meditation and love the effect that regular meditation has had on my life over the past 15 years. A few years ago I found something that made it even easier to meditate and even for those  who are pro’s can help access even deeper states.

Brain Entrainment” CD’s are very interesting to listen to, it usually contains sounds with an inner beat called a “binaural” beat which simply put is just a beat that is heard in alternate ears so that the beat seems to be moving through your head. When the binaural beat is heard in this way, it is able to slow the brain rhythms down and they will follow the lead of the beat throughout the CD.

Never accessed Theta? Easy with these CD’s or Delta? again no problem.  Why do we want to slow our brain rhythms down to theta and delta? Because our body and mind can heal so much faster, we can access our inner wisdom much more easily, sleep better and go through our day with much less stress.

Interestingly it can be easier to concentrate on a single thought like, “I am slim and fit” and if affirmations have never worked for you before, with brainwave entrainment affirmations almost become a focus and a priority in your life and you will find yourself seeking out opportunities to make them come true.

Why not give it a try? I use mine all the time, especially on those days when I am feeling a little too “over it” to settle down into a quiet meditation, the CD’s make it easy and I sleep like a baby.

Be Fit! Be Well! Do it online…

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5 Responses to “Meditation Is Easier With A Beat”

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Meditation is a great way to remain away from all kinds of diseases.

Very good post. Binaural beats are probably one of the most fascinating things that I’ve ever discovered.

Isn’t meditation supposed to help you reach those states without binaural beats? I dont see the point.

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