ALS Could Be Linked to Diet Soda, Aspartame and Formaldehyde

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The next time you drink or eat something with “Diet” in the name think again! I have spent many years telling my clients about the dangers of using aspartame and other chemical sugars even showing the research that proves that they can cause diabetes and weight gain. There is nothing diet about them and they are really quite dangerous.

Anything that increases your exposure to chemicals like formaldehyde is going to affect your body in ways that become dangerous over time. Take a look at this research and the list of products that are mentioned including: diet drinks, aspartame, cigarettes, pesticides, glues, cosmetics, shampoo, and particle board.

Another piece of research I have seen recently about ALS which is becoming more prevalent is the research into glutathione and its very probably positive influence in managing this (so far) incurable disease. (See: ALS Options and Springerlink).

ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known as Lou Gehrigs disease) has been linked to exposure to formaldehyde found in Diet Soda, Aspartame, chicken and other products.

ALS is a disease of the nervous system that progressively causes damage to the brain and spinal cord. Patients eventually lose control of their muscles and become paralysed.

“The researchers found that 617 men and 539 women died of ALS during the study period. Only those who reported exposure to formaldehyde had a higher risk — 34 percent higher — of developing ALS.

Formaldehyde is used in the manufacture of a variety of products, including particle board, clothing, glues, cosmetics and shampoo. People who work in medical facilities and mortuaries may also encounter it on the job.

The pungent chemical has already been linked to higher rates of lung cancer and leukemia. It was not declared a probable human carcinogen at high exposure levels by the Environmental Protection Agency until 1987.

Those who reported more than 10 years of exposure to formaldehyde were almost four times more likely to develop ALS…

Researchers have considered pesticides to be a possible cause of ALS, but formaldehyde hasn’t been raised as a villain before, Weisskopf said. It’s not clear how it might be linked to development of the disease, but Weisskopf said it could set off brain damage by increasing the “stress” caused by oxygen.

SOURCES: Marc Weisskopf, Ph.D., assistant professor, epidemiology and environmental health, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston; Catherine Lomen-Hoerth, M.D., Ph.D., director, ALS Center, University of California, San Francisco; April 16, 2008, presentation, American Academy of Neurology annual meeting, Chicago

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“Nearly 25% of beauticians reported that they were exposed to formaldehyde.

Pharmacists, morticians, radio/lab technicians, dentists, firemen, photographers, printers, doctors, and nurses also reported high rates of formaldehyde exposure. Individuals in these high-exposure jobs had a 28% greater risk for ALS.”

“There are several possible mechanisms for formaldehyde neurotoxicity, said Dr. Weisskopf.

“…other factors that might contribute to ALS were controlled for, including sex, smoking status, military service, level of education, alcohol intake, occupation, vitamin E supplement use, and exposure to other chemicals.” Articles of Health

If these products can have this affect on your cells what else can they do?

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online…

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5 Responses to “ALS Could Be Linked to Diet Soda, Aspartame and Formaldehyde”

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Thanks for this extremely informative post! Hundreds of people today take in artificial sweeteners in order to cut down their calories… and I must say that I am one of them… This post is a big revelation for me and many more like me. Right from Diet Coke, to tea, to desserts… a lot of people I know take in artificial sweeteners in different forms all day long… And God! It is as if they are consuming slow poison… Imagine being a victim to ALS when all you are doing is trying to cut a few calories…Not a god idea…This thought really scares me a lot! I think I am done with these sweeteners now…Thanks again for such valuable information.

Hey!! That is some very precious information. Thanks for it! I will surely keep it in mind whenever i reach out for any artificially sweetened food or drink. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the informative article. Waiting to get more information from you.

I agree those diet soda are no diet effect, I don’t know why many are still blinded by them and why they keep on selling them, when will they realize the truth!. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It is very informative.


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