Keeping Those New Year Resolutions

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We all make New Year resolutions, and at the time we all intend to keep them, don’t we? Then life just gets in the way and we slip back into old habits, eating at the wrong time, eating what ever comes quick and easy and unconsciously deciding we don’t have time to exercise.

Sound a bit like last year and the year before and the year before that?

Making a change in the way you percieve your resolutions is the only way to get them to stick! How? I hear you ask. Weeeellll…

It’s all to do with habits of thought, thinking it would be nice to stop smoking or lose weight and hoping or wishing we could stick to our resolutions really means that we have given it some thought and it’s a nice idea BUT we don’t really believe we will do it.

However this year do it differently, make each of your New Year resolutions something you know you will do by writing it down as a goal, something you intend to achieve and posting it somewhere you will see every day. My method is to put it on a brightly coloured Sticky Note in my diary and move it to the next day after deciding what I will do on that day as one step to reaching those goals I have written down.

That’s my rule, to schedule in one thing I will do to reach each of my goals everyday, it may be something small if I am having a particularly busy day but I will do something! So what goals do you have for the new year?

1. Write them down on a sheet of paper right now.

2. Make each of them a positive – e.g. “I am now a non-smoker” or “I am now slim and fit”

3. Put each of these affirmations onto a sticky note in a row from top priority to low priority and if your health is on the bottom you may need to revise your priorities, how can you achieve anything else if you are not healthy, fit and full of energy?

4. Stick your sticky note into your dairy and when you look at your diary each day read through your list of goals and mark down on that page what one thing you will do on that day to reach each of those goals – AND THEN FOLLOW THROUGH!!

Next thing you know you will have achieved all of those goals and be on your way to writing a new list, good for you!

Be Fit! Be Healthy! Be Slim! do it online…

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