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Our new VibraTrim Program will be launching soon!

Do you want to lose some weight?

Are you feeling too unfit or unmotivated to really make any headway?

Try our VibraTrim Program where finding the trimmer, fitter you could be so easy it’s just like cheating!

The vibraTrim Program uses Vibration Training to make it much easier to get started no matter how unfit you are and as a member you will have a yearly access to the tools you will need to stay motivated and get trim, taut and terrific (we know you already are terrific so we are starting right there).

Some of the amazing tools you will enjoy on the VibraTrim Program include:

  • eBooks explaining exactly how to balance your leptin and your insulin for best results
  • eBooks explaining just how to use the Vibration Platforms as a slimming device
  • Membership to the VibraTrim Club
  • Social site just for members so you can make new friends, ask questions of the forum and our experts forms groups and networks and stay motivated.
  • Online tracking software so you can track your weight loss, dietary and exercise in your online diary
  • Online workout and teaching videos of just how to use the Vibration Platforms for great results, more exercises you can use and motivation and goal setting seminars via video to keep you on track.
  • Access to subliminal, audio and written motivational aids
  • Online store with a members discount for access to all your need

We will be opening our VibraTrim Program doors soon: so stay tuned for the announcement!

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Vibr-Slim Program Set To Launch in November

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We are so excited!

Our new Vibr-Slim program for weight loss is set to launch in November at least 2 months earlier than we had originally thought. Lucky for us we had some sage advice from a friend who said, start small and build that way you can get going earlier. So we took his advice and that’s exactly what we will be doing.

Mind you it is still a lot of work to get done in just over a month! So if you see my knuckles bleeding from working at my keyboard for long hours you will know why 🙂 By the way, We do not have anything on the website yet about the program, but we are working on it.

We plan to have at least 3 of the eBook Guides for the program immediately available to new members, the subliminal vids ready, at least 2 of the How To vids ready and the members forum (so that members can make friends on the same journey, help each other stay motivated and on track and generally empathise with each other, swap stories etc..), and the tracking journal, so it will be a very busy couple of months and all of that just for the online members. Online members will also have access to exclusive discounts on all products recommended through the program. Whew!!

My partner Andie will be preparing the centre for our onsite members as well, with the purchase of at least 2 more Vibration Platforms and time set aside each day for the regular weigh-ins, and Vibr-Slim sessions, so whether you are an online member or a centre member you will have access to all the best information and help you can get.

So we are going to be busy girls, but I am pretty sure the excitment of helping so many people to reclaim their bodies, their health and their fitness in a way that is so easy it’s just like cheating will carry us through.

Just imagine a weightloss so easy that anyone at any fitness level can start immediately, and gradually build their fitness and lose weight while standing on a platform. Could we have made it any easier?

We will be the only centre in Qld offering this program and online! Which means that no matter where you are in the world you can be a part of this program. What more could you ask for?

Stay tuned for the big announcement!

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online…

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Wam Fitness and Wellbeing Updates

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We have amazing news!!

Not only do we now have the fabulous Dr Hardbody writing for our men’s pages, with all his accumulated knowledge about how to build the kind of body women want.

We are also gearing up to launch our new Vibr-Slim and Vibr-Fit programs! Using the amazing Vibration Platforms to kick start your weight loss and fitness goals is so easy, it’s just like cheating and we can show you how.

Stay tuned and check back often for the news of our official launch for launch specials just for you.

Vibr-Slim is our new baby launching in November (or before if we can), which will show you how easy it is to be slim, fit and terrific using a combination of Vibration Platforms, Lifestyle Changes and Supplements. We are so excited about this latest innovation that makes it so easy, it’s just like cheating for anyone to start where they are, no matter how unfit to lose weight and get fit and healthy. The new Vibr-Slim Program will feature:

  • a new members area where you will have access to the 3 eBooks that are a must for Vibr-Slim success,
  • specials just for you,
  • tracking software where you can track your progress and keep track of your goals,
  • a members area to make friends, receive support and advice when ever you need it and
  • videos of workouts, motivational and goal setting tips and tricks from a Master Life Coach and NLP and even subliminal vision boards ready to go for you to access.

For a sneak peak take a look at the video on our main page, here.

Vibr-Fit Program will be launching about the same time as the Vibr-Slim, so you can see how busy we are and how excited we are about making it so easy for you to get fitter no matter what shape you are in. For more information on Vibration Platforms and their incredible successes with people from all walks of life and with all sorts of health and fitness challenges please download our free eBook onsite today.

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Holiday Weight Gain? What Can You Do?

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Eating is often made into a social occasion.Image via Wikipedia

Here in Australia we have just had our June school holidays, my son is now back at school without much enthusiasm for the new semester.  During the holidays, we have seen all the tourists eating at the cafe’s we pass on our way to do our own shopping. The Sunshine Coast is a tourist mecca so we have to handle lots of invaders in our shopping areas each holidays.

Seeing all these people eating got me thinking about how we often let our guard down during our holidays, and end up putting on weight. I understand it can be alittle bit more difficult when away from home to measure and weigh your portions and I thought I would give you all a heads up. I have used the idea of using your hand as a guide to your portions when dining out with my clients before, but this post at PhysOrg really brings it home:

“How do you know how much you should eat?

It’s as easy as looking at your own hand, says Diekman.

According to her, a woman’s fist is about the size of one cup. The tip of the thumb is about the size of an ounce. The flat outstretched hand is about the size of three or four ounces of meat, fish or poultry. Or six ounces if the piece is a little thicker.

“Your hand can give you an easy, quick reference to glance at, especially if you are dining out,” Diekman says. “Most adults should eat between five and seven ounces of meat, fish our poultry per day, not per meal. And a cup or cup and a half of pasta or potatoes is a normal portion, not three cups. We should also be getting around two cups a day of both fruits and vegetables and three cups of dairy.”

Another great way to keep portions in control is to remember that two-thirds of your plate should be filled with fruits, vegetables or whole grains. The final third should be meat, fish or poultry. “Put sensible portions on your plate at the beginning of the meal and don’t go back for seconds,” Diekman says.

She suggests that when eating out, decide right away how much of your entrée you are going to eat and have the take-out box brought immediately.

“If you look at your plate and realize the meat portion is larger than your hand, cut it in half,” she says. “If the pasta portion is overflowing the plate, it could easily be three cups or more. Put half of it in the box. Not only will you be controlling your portion size, you’ll have delicious leftovers for lunch the following day.”

Portions are just as important, and in some cases more important, than the food you choose, Diekman says.”

Doesn’t that make it easy? As for the person who has already overindulged during their holidays, time to take control of those portions, so same advice :).

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Simple Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

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January 25th, 2008--Weighing In

Image by amyliagrace via Flickr

Everyone is talking about Boosting your metabolism, but do you know what that really means?

It means the rate at which you burn your intake of calories or energy. This is a highly involved process involving many structures and cellular and chemical changes within the body, including the mitochondria, the ATP cycle, your thyroid, pancreas, and lots more.

This little post on Wired Berries this morning tells most of the story:

“Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the biggest factor in determining your metabolism, and it’s the minimum amount of energy you would need to sustain all your life processes, like breathing and circulation, when you’re at rest. The amount of calories each person needs to survive differs from person to person and is at least partially based on genetics and gender (men tend to have higher metabolisms), but there are some things you can do to increase yours.

Regular exercise and weight training help to build muscle, which is more metabolically active than fat. If you’re on a serious calorie-restrictive diet, quitting it might raise your metabolism pretty much instantly, since hard-core diets can cause your BMR to drop dramatically. Your metabolism is like a low-burning fire that needs to be stoked constantly in order to burn most efficiently, and you can stoke your metabolism by eating several small meals a day rather than three big ones. Your body requires calories to digest, and eating more frequently not only satisfies your hunger and provides your body with needed nutrients, but it also uses up more calories. The types of food you eat also make a difference in how many calories your body requires to digest them: adding more protein and substituting unprocessed foods for processed (whole grains for refined ones and raw fruits and veggies for cooked and baked ones) forces your body to work harder just to extract the nutrients that it needs.” Wired Berries

Instead of buying all those expensive pills to boost your metabolism, why not:

  • get some exercise
  • eat a lot less starchy, grain carbs
  • add more protein to your diet
  • up your intake of good fats (olive oil, Fish oil, Coconut oil)
  • eat lots of vegetables and fruit (fibre makes your digestion work harder – burning calories and joules in the process.
  • eat little and often (grazing like kids do – I mean yours not the goats 😉

Try it and see what happens next.

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online…

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