Fight Club Packs a Punch While Cutting the Fat

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Boxing can burn 350 to 500 calories an hour for an average person.

Boxing is fast becoming one of the hottest fitness trends for 2008, along with other ‘out of the box’ trends such as latin dance and Bootcamps because they are fun and hide the fact that people are actually exercising with having fun.

“Boxing is a very challenging, motivating activity,” says Cedric Bryant, ACE’s chief exercise physiologist. “It’s not just letting me watch the time count down on the cardio machine, for example. It’s a combative activity and I think people get this sense of empowerment as well.”

A range of activities fall into the boxing category. Kickboxing classes like Tae Bo generally don’t involve person-to-person contact and are more aimed at going through the boxing motions to get in a good cardio workout. The hardcore boxing classes and programs now gaining a broader following typically offer punching and kicking drills, jumping rope, plyometric muscle workouts and other training activities. They may or may not involve sparring with a trainer or other participants.

Regardless of whether you actually get in the ring, Bryant says, all the fancy footwork, punching and blocking add up to a good all-around workout, burning 350 to 500 calories an hour for the average person. Boxing also promotes coordination and balance, teaches self-defense skills and offers a good outlet for aggression. (MSNBC News)

If you’re doing it well you are engaging most of your body in the process and it is also an aerobic activity as you dance your way around your partner (even if it is just a punching bag), strength as you hit with force and strategy for your brain. So get out their and join a ‘fight club’ at your local fitness centre.
Just remember to box for fun and fitness, hits to the head and body can cause injury, so stay safe and hit a punching bag or in a supervised session where you are pulling your punches.

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Just a Little Walk Improves Heart Disease and Colon Cancer

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French Doctors report that an overview of the latest research into spot and good health proves that moderate, frequent exercise improves your chances of surviving and controlling heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, respiratory disease and depression.

This report by the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (inserm) sets a benchmark, for adults of at least 30 minutes of modest exercise, such as fast walking, at least 5 times a week, or 20 minutes of harder exercise, such as jogging 3 times a week.

Younger people are advised to to twice this.

In addition Inserm recommends “strengthening” and stretching at least twice a week, and even advises the elderly to do more stretching.

Daily activities such as climbing stairs and cleaning your bathroom can also be included in the exercise tally. (Good to know doing housework is good for something :0)

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