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We have amazing news!!

Not only do we now have the fabulous Dr Hardbody writing for our men’s pages, with all his accumulated knowledge about how to build the kind of body women want.

We are also gearing up to launch our new Vibr-Slim and Vibr-Fit programs! Using the amazing Vibration Platforms to kick start your weight loss and fitness goals is so easy, it’s just like cheating and we can show you how.

Stay tuned and check back often for the news of our official launch for launch specials just for you.

Vibr-Slim is our new baby launching in November (or before if we can), which will show you how easy it is to be slim, fit and terrific using a combination of Vibration Platforms, Lifestyle Changes and Supplements. We are so excited about this latest innovation that makes it so easy, it’s just like cheating for anyone to start where they are, no matter how unfit to lose weight and get fit and healthy. The new Vibr-Slim Program will feature:

  • a new members area where you will have access to the 3 eBooks that are a must for Vibr-Slim success,
  • specials just for you,
  • tracking software where you can track your progress and keep track of your goals,
  • a members area to make friends, receive support and advice when ever you need it and
  • videos of workouts, motivational and goal setting tips and tricks from a Master Life Coach and NLP and even subliminal vision boards ready to go for you to access.

For a sneak peak take a look at the video on our main page, here.

Vibr-Fit Program will be launching about the same time as the Vibr-Slim, so you can see how busy we are and how excited we are about making it so easy for you to get fitter no matter what shape you are in. For more information on Vibration Platforms and their incredible successes with people from all walks of life and with all sorts of health and fitness challenges please download our free eBook onsite today.

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How to Quantify Your Health and Fitness Goals

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 fitnessgoalsx.gifWe all strive to be healthy, however unless it is right at the top of your list of priorities you will always give in to temptation, whether that is a slice of mud cake or sleeping in and missing your morning fitness session. So first of all we must make health and fitness a goal that has priority in out lives. How?

First of all let’s define, what exactly is a goal? The word goal is defined as a purpose to which your energies are directed toward a specific outcome. Whew! How about this a goal is an intention you have to create a specific result within a particular time frame. Goals can either short term, or long term and the time frame you set needs to be in direct proportion to the goal set. There is no point setting a goal to lose 20 kilos in a week, as this is near impossible and if it is, it just might kill you.

Setting a goal with intention gives you direction, clarity and a quantified outcome. Think of it as dangling a carrot in front of you – and for this reason goals need to be something you really want or the payoff will not be enough to keep you motivated and on track. You have to want it. One way to do this is to make your end result clear; it must also be reachable and very importantly exciting for you. So if the idea of being healthy doesn’t light you up, what will that gives you the same result?

Could you give yourself the goal of being fit and healthy enough to run your local annual marathon? Or to play soccer on the beach with your kids? What about being able to run to the top of your stairs without puffing, or dance the night away without feeling completely washed out and sore the next day, or fit into your favourite sexy jeans? Find something that is exciting to you as your goal that represents the more mundane goal you really have in mind. Remember, all goals need to have a payoff, something you want enough to keep you motivated and a way for you to reward yourself at the end.

Let’s get some clarity on each of the facets of good goal setting:

– Your health goal must be clear. State your goal clearly. If your goal is to lose weight, in which part of your body do you particularly want to lose weight and how many kilos do you want to lose and by when? Clarity prods you on your path to create a strategy.

– Make your goal reachable. Our goals also have to feel and be reachable for us because if we don’t meet up, we run the risk of tripping up and beating ourselves up. And we lose momentum, could end up as couch potatoes and run far from the goal. So, start with the end in mind and work back from there giving yourself smaller steps until you are back to now. You will now have a calendar of events to reach for that makes it seem so much easier to do.

– Be focused. Be clearly focused on the goal you want to achieve, know exactly what you want and why you want it and then know what your reward is for hanging in there. Lack of focus or too many choices leads to indecision and poor results.

– Make your goal exciting. If the goal doesn’t motivate you to get up, energise you to get into action and get into momentum, then I don’t think it will take you a long way. You’ve got to want it so much you can imagine it happening and how great your going to feel when you achieve it.

Now you know this, go out and set your goal. Write it down. Stick it on your wall, put it on your computer. Be reminded of your goal and most importantly, take action on the strategy to achieve your goal. Most of all spend 5 minutes morning and night imagining your end result in every detail to keep your motivation high.

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