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We have amazing news!!

Not only do we now have the fabulous Dr Hardbody writing for our men’s pages, with all his accumulated knowledge about how to build the kind of body women want.

We are also gearing up to launch our new Vibr-Slim and Vibr-Fit programs! Using the amazing Vibration Platforms to kick start your weight loss and fitness goals is so easy, it’s just like cheating and we can show you how.

Stay tuned and check back often for the news of our official launch for launch specials just for you.

Vibr-Slim is our new baby launching in November (or before if we can), which will show you how easy it is to be slim, fit and terrific using a combination of Vibration Platforms, Lifestyle Changes and Supplements. We are so excited about this latest innovation that makes it so easy, it’s just like cheating for anyone to start where they are, no matter how unfit to lose weight and get fit and healthy. The new Vibr-Slim Program will feature:

  • a new members area where you will have access to the 3 eBooks that are a must for Vibr-Slim success,
  • specials just for you,
  • tracking software where you can track your progress and keep track of your goals,
  • a members area to make friends, receive support and advice when ever you need it and
  • videos of workouts, motivational and goal setting tips and tricks from a Master Life Coach and NLP and even subliminal vision boards ready to go for you to access.

For a sneak peak take a look at the video on our main page, here.

Vibr-Fit Program will be launching about the same time as the Vibr-Slim, so you can see how busy we are and how excited we are about making it so easy for you to get fitter no matter what shape you are in. For more information on Vibration Platforms and their incredible successes with people from all walks of life and with all sorts of health and fitness challenges please download our free eBook onsite today.

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Secrets For Positivity & Creating Your Life

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The Genie during a dramatization of Image via Wikipedia

Most of us have either seen or heard of ‘The Secret‘ or attended a seminar on using affirmations, NLP or some other way to achieve success in any area of our life. It is so much simpler than many people make it out to be and of course there are things you need to know in order to really make it work.

Want to be fit and healthy?

Want to feel motivated?

First of all I want you to know, it’s all up to you, what you choose to feel and do and think every day. That’s the simple answer, yes, it really is that simple. Here is ‘The Not-So-Secret Secret’ to achieving or having anything:

  1. Know what it is you really want. “What do I really, really, really want?” and yes you must ask with all the really’s, it stimulates the brain to prioritise. We can want so many things that our brain can become confused “Oh I thought you said you wanted that pretty blue dress, now you telling me that you really just want the money to buy it and everything else. Make up your mind!” So please ask this question as written.
  2. Take some time to sit down and imagine having it. Do not imagine how you are going to get it, yet. Just sit down and imagine having your goal, what you will see, hear and feel when you have achieved your goal/s, one at a time. Imagine that day in as much detail as you can for no more than 3-5 minutes at day. You can also create a vision board or vision slide show (for your computer)
  3. Stay open for opportunities that present themselves to you, and when they do here’s a biggy: Take action and then take some more action. Nothing is achieved by sitting in your living room imagining it’s is going to happen. No really, nothing. Action is the step they missed out of the movie.
  4. Believe you can, and act as if you can. You can, everyone can and you are not any different than anyone else. you are not special enough to be left out of the category of ‘people who can achieve their dreams with a little work and dreaming.’ This category of people includes everyone on this planet and you are included amongst them. If someone who has lost their legs, or their mobility or grown up in squalor can win a gold medal at the Olympics or end up a millionaire and there are many instances of those things happening then YOU CAN, too.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people. This is key! One of the reasons people do not achieve their goals is the doubt created by other people in their lives. Stay away from them and if you cannot, say to them: “I am so grateful that you are trying to keep me safe with your words of caution, BUT I need to try this for myself.” and then remove yourself from their presence and get with some people who are supportive, asap.
  6. Love what you do. Whew! this is a biggy, it is a lot more difficult to achieve a goal if you are doing something day after day that you do not like doing. So either learn to love what you are doing, or find something you love doing and do that for money.
  7. Keep yourself healthy and fit. The healthier and fitter you are the more energetic and motivated you wil feel on a daily basis to achieve those goals.
  8. Take stock regularly. Regularly, at least once a month take stock of what you are doing, figure out what is working and what is not and depending on what you find, change your priorities put what is working at the top of your priorities and what isn’t at the bottom and get rid of most of what isn’t working altogether. We can often get so busy we forget to adjust what we’re doing, to make sure our time is spent on what is working in our lives. Time and energy are prescious don’t waste it on something that is not going to get you where you want to be.
  9. Help others to achieve their dreams. Why? Because along the way the people you help will help you in some way and teach you something you need to learn. Be grateful for those people for their time in your life. Do this with one proviso, people are a part of your taking stock (#8), if there are people in your life that are dragging you down, think seriously of allowing them to slip away, help people who are just as determined and motivated as you are. There are a lot of people out there who say they want to be successful and spend more time giving themselves excuses why they’re not they will waste your time and turn into those people who will eventually begin to doubt yourself.
  10. Believe in yourself. Like I said before you can  be, do and have anything if you want it enoug to take action on a daily basis toward having, being to doing it. If you stay open to the opportunities that present themselves to you and take stock regularly and cut the dross.

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online…

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Using NLP Techniques For Fitness

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Have you heard of NLP? I am a Master of NLP and Coaching, and NLP or Neuro-Linguistic-Programming is all about using the science of language to change (re-program) your beliefs and habits. So if you’re a little like me and don’t really like exercise, you will often put it down the bottom of your list of priorities.

You know what I mean: every time you know you ‘should’ be exercising you find an excuse not to. So here are some tips to help you pre-program your mind to make fitness a higher priority in your life:

  1. First of all sit down quietly with a notebook and pen and ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve?” Make your statement in the positive e.g. “I want to be fit and slim.” as opposed to, “I don’t want to be fat and unhealthy.” We need the give our mind something of value to focus on and so it is much better to focus on what we do want and paint a pretty picture of it than it is to focus on what we don’t want. Why? Because the mind goes where it is directed and if it directed to a picture of you fat, this is not a pretty picture and it is not a goal to look forward to. It is known neurological quirk that the mind cannot hear the negatives when goal setting. It is like telling little Johnny not to fall as he climbs a tree, his mind will hear only the word ‘fall’ and so he does. If you tell yourself “I don’t want to be fat” take the negative ‘don’t’ from that sentence, what do you have?
  2. Now take a moment to really picture that goal, not the steps you need to take yet, just the end result; What does it look like? (you in a stunning bikini sunning yourself on the beach with all eyes on your gorgeous figure), What does it sound like? (WOW! look at you, you look amazing!) What does it feel like? (happy, happy, joy, joy and pride, confidence, sexy – I look good na na nana na na na! so good, so good…). Quickly while the picture is fresh in your mind write it all down always in positive sentences, “I look great with a toned figure and amazing abs…
  3. Now ask yourself, how will I know I am on track? “I will know I am on track when…” write this down. Make this something achieveable and with a built in accountability. I will know I am on track when I weigh ? and can fit into size ? jeans by ?/?/?? Don’t make this too difficult, better baby steps and really easily achiveable outcomes than rushing it and giving up in disgust.
  4. Now how will you know when you have reached your goal? “I will know I have achieved my goal when…” (I am lying on that beach feeling so confident in my body, in my size? bikini).
  5. What attributes will you need to accomplish this goal? Determination, resilience, persistance, motivation, initiative… how will I know that I have developed them? (I will know I am determined when… I will know I am resilient when…)
  6. How will I know when I am off track? and what is my action plan when that happens? (Be kind to myself, this is not failure it is just a course correction, so I will immediately forgive myself for being a little off track and get back on course). Here is a big clue for you, this is where most people give up, during a course correction. Did you know that at no time does anything steer directly toward a goal, not even a jet with auto-pilot, not even a rocket ship on course for the moon, not even your car and not even you when walking! Everything needs a course correction, those little adjustments you make to the steering wheel even on a straight road, are needed by all machinery even by a rocket ship going to the moon, and your body does it when you’re walking. So there is no failure only a course correction, right! Right!                                                                                                                          So get back on course, re imagine your result and reread your steps, and get going again. A bit like checking a map or navigation chart, just like Columbus navigating his way to the America’s.

Next post I will outline 10 more tips for using NLP for Fitness.

Be Fit! Be Well! Do it online… 

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