Cigarette Smokers Are Boiling Frogs

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Boiling The Frog

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It seems to me in this  day and age that people are not listening to the news or the research or the gross ads on TV about smoking being a way to sign your own death certificate. Young people are still taking up smoking and older people steadily refuse to quit.

It really is a case of “How to boil a frog!”

How to boil a frog: If you boil the water first, it’s hot and the frog although burned will jump right out and get away, so to boil a frog you put him in the pot while the water is cool and as it gradually heats he will enjoy the water cause it feels so good – until it is all to late and he cannot get out and boils himself into frog soup.

Cigarette smokers are the same: they start smoking to appear cool or because they tell themselves that they need it to stay calm. This is the cold water… even though they see all the ads about the bad health effects (the water is getting warmer) of smoking they ignore them cause it feels so good. Then when it is all too late and they have the cancer… You get the picture.

However, if a cancer appeared or they became impotent on their first cigarette, they would stop and never come back (the boiling water).

So as far as I am concerned people who smoke are in the act of becomming frog soup. If you need more evidence here are some links for you:

Study into the effects of smoking on nurses, death rates and incidences of disease:

Study into affect of smoke on hearts shows your heart may actually alter it’s shape (not a good thing):

and this one is a link to a new website that empowers young women to “live smoke free”:

Be Fit! Be Well! Do it online…

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10 Symptoms To Talk To Your Doctor About Immediately

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Some symptoms are worth an immediate trip to your doctor, even if they turn out to be nothing read this list and keep it handy so that you are ready/

This list originally comes from the Mayo Clinic compliments of Medical News Today, and it is well worth passing on to all:

1. Trouble seeing, speaking or moving

Numbness or paralysis on one side of the body, difficulty speaking, and blurred or decreased vision are classic signs of a stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA), a ministroke that sometimes lasts only minutes. More atypical symptoms are fainting, shortness of breath or sudden feelings of facial pain, tiredness or a racing heart. Women may have the traditional stroke symptoms less often than men but also may be more likely than men to experience atypical symptoms first.

(Also look for sudden memory loss associated with a headache or feelings of pressure in the head, feeling as if a knife or hot needle has been inserted into the head or as if an electric shock or lightening has gone off in the head – people report their symptoms in odd ways at times.)

For any stroke symptoms, immediate emergency medical care is needed. Quick treatment for stroke can reduce the risk of brain damage or other complications.

2. A sudden excruciating headache

A headache that comes on like a thunderclap, with severe, excruciating pain could be caused by an aneurysm, bleeding in the brain, stroke, blood vessel inflammation, meningitis or a brain tumor. All require immediate medical attention. In addition, a headache that follows a head injury or is accompanied by fever, stiff neck, rash, confusion, seizure, double vision, weakness, numbness or speaking difficulties is reason to seek care. (See above: headaches can be just that a headache brought on by stress of some kind, they can also be a symptom of something much more grave)

3. Unexplained weight loss

Losing weight without trying can be cause for concern. A doctor’s appointment is warranted for a loss of 5 percent of body weight in one month, or more than 10 percent in six to 12 months. Underlying medical conditions could be an overactive thyroid, liver disease, depression or even some cancers.

(At times you can lose weight just because you are busier, more stressed or eating something that burns fat, it is sudden and unexplained that are the key words here and it is dramatic weight loss in a short time.)

4. Any breast change

A doctor should be consulted about a lump, nipple discharge or distortion, itching or skin changes (redness, scales, dimples or puckers), persistent breast pain or a change in breast size or shape.

5. Vaginal bleeding after menopause

Vaginal spotting or bleeding after menopause may be caused by changes in vaginal tissue, which can become thinner and more fragile as estrogen levels decrease. In some cases, however, postmenopausal bleeding can be a symptom of gynecological cancer. A medical evaluation is important.

6. Change in bowel habits

Mild diarrhea that lasts more than a week, constipation that lasts more than two weeks, or unexplained, sudden urges to have a bowel movement are reasons to consult a doctor. Also on the list are bloody diarrhea or stools that are black or tar colored. These symptoms could result from infection, medication side effects, a digestive disorder or colon cancer.

(Also look for pain with no bowel movements, this can come on suddenly or manifest over time, it can mean a bowel obstruction and not all of them happen suddenly, especially in older people they can be preceded by months or weeks of unexplained bowel pain put down to normal constipation)

7. Feeling full after eating less

Feeling fuller than normal after eating less than usual could warn of gastrointestinal problems, ranging from indigestion caused by acid reflux to some cancers. If this feeling lasts for days or weeks, a physician should be consulted, especially if other symptoms are present such as nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain or bloating, fever and chills or weight changes. (See above)

8. Persistent cough

A cough that lingers more than a month, is affecting sleep or brings up blood or sputum, is cause for a checkup. A chronic cough could be caused by asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a respiratory tract infection, chronic bronchitis or even lung cancer.

9. Sad or depressed mood

Feeling sad for weeks or months is a symptom of depression, a medical illness that’s treatable. Other signs might include a loss of interest in normal activities, feeling hopeless, crying easily, trouble concentrating, unintentional weight loss and thoughts of wanting to die.

10. Persistent or high fever

A doctor should be consulted when a low-grade fever (100.4 to 103 F) persists for more than a week. Fever can indicate a urinary tract infection or more serious illnesses such as immune disorders or cancer. A sudden high fever, greater than 103 F, requires immediate evaluation.

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Resitance Training Proved To Aid in Glucose Control in Diabetes

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Vibrodisc-1 small

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An article in Medical News Today about a new research study done on diabetes has shown that resistance training in combination with traditionally used aerobic training can help diabets gain control over their blood glucose levels faster and with more efficiency.

What does this mean? Basically diabetic people are “Starved of movement.” as one Robin Marcus, spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association. Movement is key to regaining control of your blood sugar and managing your diabetes more efficicently, to the point where you may even be able to stop your medication.

“Although aerobic exercise is still key in treating diabetes, it should not be used in isolation,” Marcus observes. “As people age, they lose muscle mass and, subsequently, mobility, resulting in a greater risk of falls. Adding resistance training to the diabetes treatment regimen leads to improved thigh lean tissue which, in turn, may be an important way for patients to increase resting metabolic rate, protein reserve, exercise tolerance, and functional mobility, she notes.”

One of the easiest ways to get started on resistance training is to use a Vibration Platform, no matter how unfit or fit you are just standing on the machine for just 10 minutes a day can give you the equivalent of a 40 minute workout. Using movements to boost your workout as you regain your fitness only enhances the effect of the vibration on your muscles and builds strength and flexibility at the same time as boosting your stamina. Get started today.

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online…

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Diabetes The Cost to Your Health and Your Pocket

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Over the past 10 years, diabetes rates have doubled in most Western Countries! Yes doubled!!

This survey of diagnosed diabetes rates in the US,   the first of its kind in the US proves the point, and that doesn’t count the many un-diagnosed diabetics or those with leptin or insulin resistance around the US.  But it does prove that everyone eating a western diet needs to wonder why and then act on the information they uncover. We are literally eating ourselves to death, through pure indulgence.

The financial cost of these rising incidences of diabetes around the world are reflected in the financial cost to governments and consumers shown here in this article:

“Because of the increased number of patients, growing reliance on multiple medications and the shift toward more expensive new medicines, the annual cost of diabetes drugs nearly doubled in only six years, rising from $6.7 billion in 2001 to $12.5 billion in 2007 according to a study in the Oct. 27, 2008, issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Since more then one-tenth of all health care expenditures in the United States in 2002 were attributable to diabetes, this finding raises important questions about whether the higher cost actually translates into improved care.”
What can you do for your family? Rethink what you and your family are eating. Get some information on Insulin Resistance and Leptin Resistance the two leading causes of diabetes, heart disease, PCOS, obesity, WAT, and age related declines.

Take a look at these eBooks, written specifically about these health challenges and what you can do about them.

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7 Easy Weight Loss Tips

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Feet on a scale

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If you are carrying any extra weight going on a diet and exercising can seem like climbing to the top of a very high mountain with a big rubber band tied round your waist holding you back. Go on picture that! 🙂

I don’t recommend diets at all, and these simple tips will hopefully make it easier for you to take it one step at a time and remove the big rubber band 🙂

  1. Eat great life giving foods. What are they? Life giving foods are still filled with the energy of life, so they are still alive. So eat lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, and proteins in other words nutrient dense foods. Eat them fresh or as fresh as possible and cook them as little as possible, even meat well done has lost most of its goodness (the only exception is chicken which must be cooked well as it often harbours salmonella).
  2. Wipe out the ‘white stuff’. White stuff simply put is anything processed or refined, take them out of your diet altogether or as much as possible and that includes: white bread, chips, white pasta, cakes, biscuits (cookies), deserts, lollies (candy), soft drinks (soda), chocolate (dark over 70% is ok), hot chips (fries), and anything else that is made of white grains or nasty hydrogenated fats.
  3. Eat in. This makes it a lot easier to control your food and your portion size and there is a lot less temptation as long as you have removed that white stuff from your home altogether.
  4. Eat well and eat lots. What? As long as you are eating fruit, vegetables, nuts and protein you can eat plenty, this is NOT about dieting this is about eating well and changing your lifestyle. Nuts, fruit and veges can be a great way to snack, think of: carrot sticks, apple pieces, unsalted mixed nuts (I like to buy a bag of almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts and pepitas and keep a snack bag of them in my handbag for emergency snacking), even whey protein makes an ideal snack (ice cold water, chocolate flavoured whey protein concentrate and isolate and some berries, blend and drink YUM).
  5. Move. Leave your car in your driveway and save on petrol, walk as many places as you can and encourage your kids to do the same. Take the time to walk them to school and spend some quality time with them on the way. Put on some great music, something that really gets you into your groove and do your housework while dancing (my favourite and my housework almost seems to do itself). Clean your bathroom more often scrubbing is great as it also provides a type of shaking or vibration which can mobilise fat cells.
  6. Do it with a friend. Sometimes losing weight can be very lonely, so find a friend and do it together. Keep each other motivated and keep is social, like dancing it makes the hard times easier and go faster. Better yet both of you join a program either online or in your area so that you have even more people to call on for help when you are feeling down.
  7. Know yourself. The most important of all, know why you want to lose that weightmake it a goal you want to reach for, something in your future that feels like a reward “I don’t want to be fat any more,” just doesn’t cut it. You want something real, tangible and exciting to reach for like a carrot in front of a donkey. Know what your biggest stumbling blocks are and avoid them, make sure you are ready for them when they appear and have a plan of action for when they do. If you have planned ahead for those times when you will want to quit or give in to temptation and have a plan of action, you will come through the other side stronger and slimmer.

It is much easier to follow a plan and have an idea of where you want to be in a certain amount of time and how you are going to get there. It’s just like planning a trip away you plan it, you book it and you know where your going and why and how you are going to get there. Change your lifestyle and welcome the slimmer, fitter and healthier you into your life.

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online…

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Just One Exercise Session Can Kick Start Your Metabolism

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Scientists at the University of Michegan have found that it only takes one, yes 1 exercise session to kick start your metabolism. Giving hope to millions of overweight and obese individuals this makes every session seem worthwhile.

At times, when you are over weight all the exercise and lifestyle dietary changes can seem to be useless, it can be so difficult to keep your motivation up and your pain levels down when beginning and continuing on your weight loss and health journey. Yet, this news gives all of us hope.

Most weight related issues are now known to be caused by metabolic disorders such as insulin and leptin resistance, and the lifestyle changes needed to prevent many of the diseases associated with these health challenges can be a bit daunting. They are simple changes, but not always easy as one of the challenges of this kind of metabolic syndrome is depression.

However, if even one session of exercise can re-start our metabolism and increase our fat burning rate, we can keep our motivation up one session at a time.  “According to Andrea Cornford, a member of the research team, “Exercise decreases everyone’s insulin resistance and therefore reduces the chances of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes. This study shows that even a single bout of exercise helps obese individuals increase their body’s fat-burning rate and improve their metabolic health.”

A team of researchers has examined the effect of exercise on fat accumulation in a new study involving five obese women. In one session the women overate and did not exercise; in a follow-on session they overate and did exercise. The researchers found that:

  • the body’s fat-burning oxidation rate was reduced after one day of overeating;
  • conversely, just one session of exercise increased the rate of fat-burning oxidation; and
  • exercise increased the amount of fat that would eventually be stored in the muscle.Science Daily

To learn more about Insulin and Leptin Resistance my downloadable eBook, “Sick, Tired & Overweight” will tell you what you need to know and for information on lifestyle designed to reduce and even eliminate metabolic syndromes and the causes of overweight, “A Rainbow on My Plate.

If you would like to be a part of our exciting November launch of our NEW Lifestyle Approach to a slimmer, healthier you the, Wam Vibr-Slim Program please keep a look out for our announcment, right here on this blog or on the website which can be found by clicking on the Wam Logo.

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Heart Health For Women

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Many women do not even think about their heart, unless it is feeling a little broken. But heart disease is becoming one of the most prevelent causes of death in women. Why?

Once upon a time, it was men who had to worry about their hearts, not women, what has happened to women to change that? One of the reasons is hysterectomies, which have become more and more common over the past 40 to 50 years. Did you know that the hormones produced by your uterus help protect the heart? This is so that women can carry a baby to ter, a huge strain on the heart without this special protection, which continues (in a reduced way) as long as she has her uterus.

Our high starchy carbohydrate diets (anything made of white flour or sugar), are causing something called WAT (White Adipose Tissue), tummy fat. This type of fat is completely different from the fat that accumulated in your thighs, which is BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue) because it is harder to shift and accumulates around your organs. Your heart is especially vulnerable to WAT, as it puts enormous strain on your heart to pump and to push the blood through the other organs surrounded by WAT.

What do you need to know to reduce your risks of heart disease?

Know your waist size: If it measures more than 80c, your risk begins to rise. Measure it every 2 weeks. This helps you keep an eye on how much WAT you are accumulating. More information HERE

Know what and how much you are eating: Make sure you eat little or no white stuff (products made from white flour or sugar), and keep your kj’s down around the 7550kj or 1800 calories per day.

Know your blood pressure: Normal blood pressure is around 120/80 and anything over 140 is considered high. Keep a special eye on the distolic rate (the second number) which needs to stay under 90.

Know your cholesterol: Cholesterol is necessary for you to make hormones, including the ones that protect your heart, so do not eat a fat free diet. It is not fat that is dangerous to your health it is the type of fat. Olive oil and other vegetables oils are actually good for you and your heart and will not make you fat. Good cholesterol is called HDL and bad is called LDL, so get yours measured and then increase your good cholesterol by adding in vegetable sources of HDL like olive oil, avocados, nuts and other sources of vegetable fats.

Know your triglycerides: These come from eating the wrong kind of carbs and fats. Aim for yours to be around 2mmol/l.

Know your blood sugar levels: The very same things that result in WAT also result in diabetes, Insulin and Leptin Resistance, so have your glucose levels measured and cut right down on any white stuff, and live longer and healthier.

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online…

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Vibr-Slim Program Set To Launch in November

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We are so excited!

Our new Vibr-Slim program for weight loss is set to launch in November at least 2 months earlier than we had originally thought. Lucky for us we had some sage advice from a friend who said, start small and build that way you can get going earlier. So we took his advice and that’s exactly what we will be doing.

Mind you it is still a lot of work to get done in just over a month! So if you see my knuckles bleeding from working at my keyboard for long hours you will know why 🙂 By the way, We do not have anything on the website yet about the program, but we are working on it.

We plan to have at least 3 of the eBook Guides for the program immediately available to new members, the subliminal vids ready, at least 2 of the How To vids ready and the members forum (so that members can make friends on the same journey, help each other stay motivated and on track and generally empathise with each other, swap stories etc..), and the tracking journal, so it will be a very busy couple of months and all of that just for the online members. Online members will also have access to exclusive discounts on all products recommended through the program. Whew!!

My partner Andie will be preparing the centre for our onsite members as well, with the purchase of at least 2 more Vibration Platforms and time set aside each day for the regular weigh-ins, and Vibr-Slim sessions, so whether you are an online member or a centre member you will have access to all the best information and help you can get.

So we are going to be busy girls, but I am pretty sure the excitment of helping so many people to reclaim their bodies, their health and their fitness in a way that is so easy it’s just like cheating will carry us through.

Just imagine a weightloss so easy that anyone at any fitness level can start immediately, and gradually build their fitness and lose weight while standing on a platform. Could we have made it any easier?

We will be the only centre in Qld offering this program and online! Which means that no matter where you are in the world you can be a part of this program. What more could you ask for?

Stay tuned for the big announcement!

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online…

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Maintaining Moderate Exercise Levels Keeps Elderly Out Of Bed

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Are you getting a little older? I know I am, researchers have proved that people in their 40’s and 50’s need to keep fit. Not with lots of heavy or hard hitting exercise but with regular low to moderate exercise on a daily basis.

What is low to moderate exercise? A daily 30 minute walk, a 15 to 20 minute swim, a bike ride anything really that gets you moving for more than 20 minutes straight.  It’s ok you don’t have to do aerobics unless you really want to. I must admit I am not a fan of structured aerobics myself, I would much rather dance and right there is another fun way to get some moderate exercise.

Doctors have found that keeping up an exercise regime not only keeps you fitter, it boosts your immunity and improves your quality of life, allowing you to enjoy life for much longer,

“Maintaining muscle performance and arresting muscle wastage can offer older people real improvements in their quality of life,” says Dr Gladys Pearson, who led the research. “Though we still need to assess precisely what level of exercise gives the best results, we believe we’ve shown that regular low-resistance exercise complemented by the right nutritional supplements could boost the well-being of the UK’s ageing population.” Engineering and Physical Sciences Council (

I know that as I age, I will have to be even more attentive to the amount of exercise I get, I walk, dance in the privacy of my living room, and I use my vibration platform daily for at least 10 minutes. When I get a chance to do some other form of exercise I only use it once in the mornings, but if it is raining I jump onto my platform twice about an hour and a half after lunch. This way no matter how I am feeling I can just stand there and let the platform do the work for me. It’s a bit like cheating 🙂 and I am losing weight on a daily basis without even trying!

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online…
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Latest Cancer Cure: Happiness!!

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Yes, that’s right happiness is the key to beating and prevention of cancer. I am so happy that the works of brave pioneers like Dr Bruce Lipton and others is now being validated by research. As I ‘cured’ myself of a so-called incurable disease, I know exactly how it is done.

Change the way you look at life and change your beliefs about life and yourself so that you are happy with your life. I chose to ‘live’ not just exist which meant a very great many changes in my life, yet here I am years later, no longer attached to a wheelchair and firing on all cylinders. I even danced at my daughters wedding.  My mum has had breast cancer 3 times and she knows the signs now, no not lumps or pain etc.. the signs of impending cancer are unhappiness and stress. My mum knows that if it goes on too long she will find her cancer markers are up. So now she knows what to do to avoid another cancer. If she can to it and I can do it anyone can and now the latest research is proving it to be true.

Happiness and optimism may play a role against breast cancer while adverse life events can increase the risk of developing the disease, according to a study by Professor Ronit Peled, at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. An article on the study titled “Breast Cancer, Psychological Distress and Life Events among Young Women,” was just published in the British journal BMC Cancer (8:245, August 2008).

<a href=””&gt; <img src=”; border=”0″ width=”468″ height=”60″ alt=””></a> In the study, researchers questioned women about their life experiences and evaluated their levels of happiness, optimism, anxiety, and depression prior to diagnosis. Researchers used this information to examine the relationship between life events, psychological distress and breast cancer among young women.

A total of 622 women between the ages of 25 and 45 were interviewed: 255 breast cancer patients and 367 healthy women. “The results showed a clear link between outlook and risk of breast cancer, with optimists 25 percent less likely to have developed the disease. Conversely, women who suffered two or more traumatic events had a 62 percent greater risk,” Peled said. “Young women who have been exposed to a number of negative life events should be considered an ‘at-risk’ group for breast cancer and should be treated accordingly.”

The researchers indicate that women were interviewed after their diagnosis, which may color their recall of their past emotional state somewhat negatively. However, according to Peled, “We can carefully say that experiencing more than one severe and/or mild to moderate life event is a risk factor for breast cancer among young women. On the other hand, a general feeling of happiness and optimism can play a protective role.”

“The mechanism in which the central nervous, hormonal and immune systems interact and how behaviour and external events modulate these three systems is not fully understood,” Peled states. “The relationship between happiness and health should be examined in future studies and relevant preventative initiatives should be developed.”

Be fit! Be Well! do  it online…

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