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Getting a flat and sexy stomach is one of the most talked about types of exercise, however there are a few myths that surround the idea of a ‘flat’ stomach. The added benefit is that some of these routines will firm up the thighs and for the ladies burn off the pockets of fat in the upper legs that lead to cellulite, but more of that later.

First of all the abdominal muscles as a group are round muscles and the flattest you can get is a round, toned and hard abdominal pack, often called a six-pack. This means exercising all the muscles that make up the abdominal group to achieve good hip definition as well as a trim, toned tummy and improving your posture.

This comes from developing core strength through abdominal conditioning, as a result of this core conditioning your posture is better, think of a string attached to the top of your head, which is being pulled upward, now walk as if attached to this string you will immediately feel the difference and the muscles that aren’t helping, they’re the ones you need to work on.

To effectively condition your core and therefore your abs you need to include exercises that utilise all your abdominal muscles as a group including: forward flexion (crunches, sit-ups etc.), side flexion exercises (side bends, side crunches etc.), and rotational exercises (trunk rotations, standing twists etc).

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