The Evolution of Food and Fitness

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Over the years the ‘right’ path to health and fitness has been governed just as much by adaptation to our environment as our evolution has. We have adapted to new knowledge, availability, technology and more in our minds, bodies and diets and this course of action hasn’t necessarily been in our best interests as we have found; that just because it is available at this time of year (our of season) a food is not really at its nutritious best, an exercise program is not necessarily better for us than another, and just because a vitamin comes in pill form does not necessarily make it more efficient for our body to metabolise.

In fact many of our ‘new ways’ or evolutionary behaviours have resulted in more poor health, less activity and things like soil depletion which robs our food of its nutritious goodness necessitating that we get our vitamins and minerals from pills which are harder for our body to absorb and utilise.

This incisive post by Letha Hedady tells the story so well: “Food, fitness and the Environment.”

What do we need to do about this, use more whole food sources of your nutrition, this may be a whole food supplement as our grown foods do not contain all the nutrition we need any more as our soils across the world are so depleted. So look for a Superfood that has been grown organically and in optimum conditions to add to your diet and ditch most of the pills you have in your cupboard. The only pills I truly recommend are Fish Oil, as they can be a mercury free way of getting the all important Omega 3 fatty acids into your diet.

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Vitamin D for Brain Function We Now Need More Sun

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Now I know I am going to get a little controversial here but we have been told for years to cover up in the sun, yet now we are all suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. Perhaps it is time to realise that we need to have balance in all things, even sun exposure.

Even just a half hour per day in the morning sun before 10am and a half hour after 4pm every day can give us back some of our much needed Vitamin D. Take a look at what this article I have quoted from has to say about the important of Vitamin D to our health and our children’s health and brain power.

I have included some more interesting links for you at the bottom of this post.

Drs. McCann and Ames deftly show that while vitamin D has an important role in the development and function of the brain, its exact effects on behavior remain unclear. Pointing to the need for further study, the authors argue for vitamin D supplementation in groups at risk. Vitamin D has long been known to promote healthy bones by regulating calcium levels in the body. Lack of sufficient vitamin D in very young children results in rickets, which can be easily prevented by vitamin D supplements. Only recently the scientific community has become aware of a much broader role for vitamin D. For example, we now know that, in addition to its role in maintaining bone health, vitamin D is involved in differentiation of tissues during development and in proper functioning of the immune system. In fact, over 900 different genes are now known to be able to bind the vitamin D receptor, through which vitamin D mediates its effects. In addition to protecting against rickets, evidence now strongly indicates that a plentiful supply of vitamin D helps to protect against bone fractures in the elderly. Evidence also continues to accumulate suggesting a beneficial role for vitamin D in protecting against autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis and type I diabetes, as well as some forms of cancer, particularly colorectal and breast.

Vitamin D is present in only a few foods (e.g., fatty fish), and is also added to fortified milk, but our supply typically comes mostly from exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) in sunlight. UV from the sun converts a biochemical in the skin to vitamin D, which is then metabolized to calcitriol, its active form and an important hormone. Formation of vitamin D by UV can be 6 times more efficient in light skin than dark skin, which is an important cause of the known widespread vitamin D deficiency among African Americans living in northern latitudes.” (

Vitamin D Lowers Diabetes Risk

Sun May Lower Risk of Endometrial Cancer

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