Regular Exercise Might Prevent Diabetes

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A study done to assess whether exercise would have effects on the prevalence of diabetes among those who are at the highest risk of the disease (black women) has proven that it does indeed have a preventative effect. This is great news for all of us, as if exercise can prevent diabetes in those at highest risk it obviously also has an even greater positive effect on all others.

Read an excerpt from the article from Medical News Today:

“Taking a brisk walk several times a week for exercise appears to reduce black women’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a study published this month in the American Journal of Epidemiology, Reuters Health reports. Few studies have been conducted on the benefits of exercise among black women, according to Reuters. For the study, Julie Palmer of Boston University and colleagues used data from the ongoing Black Women’s Health Study that followed 45,000 black women from 1995 to 2005.

Researchers found that those who said they walked for a minimum of five hours weekly for exercise were one-third less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who did not walk. The risk of being diagnosed with the disease was significantly lower among women who said they regularly took a brisk walk even when taking into account possible contributing factors such as age, income and diet. The study included a large number of obese women and they too appeared to have a lower risk for developing diabetes if they exercised regularly.

Palmer said, “This is important, because it suggests a way to reduce diabetes risk even among the women who are at highest risk of the disease,” adding, “The finding that brisk walking for a few hours a week or longer reduces diabetes risk may be the most important finding of all. This is something almost all women can do in the course of their daily lives.”

Researchers also found that women who watched television for five or more hours a day were 86% more likely to develop diabetes than those who watched less than one hour per day (Norton, Reuters Health, 12/18).”

For those of you who just can’t seem to get motivated to exercise, We might have an answer for you HERE, to get started join the Vibrational Fitness and Health – Vibrational Weight Loss Program and get started the easy way.

“So easy it feels just like cheating.”

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Exercise Not Only Burns Fat it Also Suppresses Appetite

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Exercising for 1 hour has been shown to suppress two important appetite hormones and leave you feeling satiated earlier and hungy less often. The researchers found that aerobic exercise works much more effiently as an appeitite suppressant than resistance exercise, this could lead us to a better explanation of why we get hungier when we are veg-ing out than when we are busy.

So we now have another reason to exercise 1. burn the fat 2. suppress the urge to eat along with all the other benefits of exercising that keep you healthier and living longer.

ScienceDaily (Dec. 11, 2008) — “A vigorous 60-minute workout on a treadmill affects the release of two key appetite hormones, ghrelin and peptide YY, while 90 minutes of weight lifting affects the level of only ghrelin, according to a new study. Taken together, the research shows that aerobic exercise is better at suppressing appetite than non-aerobic exercise and provides a possible explanation for how that happens.”

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online…

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How To Avoid Weight Gain During Menopause

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The simple message to you all is eat less, move more and this rings true for all of us whether we are menopausal women or not. However, this report came out with a few things that rang bells for me as this is just where I am now and have been wondering why I am positively avoiding exercise until my brain tells me I better get on that machine or out the door for that walk. Read on and discover some answers from Medical News Today:

“One of the most interesting things that came out of the conference – with applicability to large numbers of women – was the discussion about why women gain weight during menopause,” said Dr Sainsbury-Salis.

“So many women get confused when they start to gain weight during menopause, because their eating habits haven’t changed.”

“What the research shows clearly is that menopause causes a dramatic and sudden reduction in physical activity levels. Just prior to menopause, women halve their amount of activity compared to pre-menopause levels.”

“So one reason women gain weight in menopause is because of a reduction in energy expenditure. Combine this with unchanged eating habits and weight gain is almost inevitable.”

“We don’t know exactly why menopausal women stop moving as much. But we know it’s not because of their age and the lifestyle constraints happening at that time of life. Research suggests it’s directly related to the lack of oestrogen, which has dramatic effects on signals the brain sends to the body. We’re doing research to see what causes these effects and whether or not they continue long-term.

“A lot of women ask whether they can actively counteract that tendency. In fact, it’s been shown that women who maintain or increase their level of physical activity during menopause tend to come out the other end without gaining weight.”

“Another thing, when physical activity levels drop and your energy needs are less, it’s really important to stay in tune with your hunger signals because you just don’t need to eat as much in order to feel satisfied.”

“During menopause, most women experience redistribution of fat, often gaining weight around the middle,” said Professor Campbell. “As we have demonstrated in our research, abdominal fat is a risk factor in the development of cardio-metabolic diseases, such as diabetes. Prior to menopause, women have a lower risk of heart disease than men. Menopause equalises that risk.

Well, I better go jump on my Vibration Platform for 10 minutes and get my body moving…

Be Fit! Be Well! do it oinline…

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Resitance Training Proved To Aid in Glucose Control in Diabetes

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An article in Medical News Today about a new research study done on diabetes has shown that resistance training in combination with traditionally used aerobic training can help diabets gain control over their blood glucose levels faster and with more efficiency.

What does this mean? Basically diabetic people are “Starved of movement.” as one Robin Marcus, spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association. Movement is key to regaining control of your blood sugar and managing your diabetes more efficicently, to the point where you may even be able to stop your medication.

“Although aerobic exercise is still key in treating diabetes, it should not be used in isolation,” Marcus observes. “As people age, they lose muscle mass and, subsequently, mobility, resulting in a greater risk of falls. Adding resistance training to the diabetes treatment regimen leads to improved thigh lean tissue which, in turn, may be an important way for patients to increase resting metabolic rate, protein reserve, exercise tolerance, and functional mobility, she notes.”

One of the easiest ways to get started on resistance training is to use a Vibration Platform, no matter how unfit or fit you are just standing on the machine for just 10 minutes a day can give you the equivalent of a 40 minute workout. Using movements to boost your workout as you regain your fitness only enhances the effect of the vibration on your muscles and builds strength and flexibility at the same time as boosting your stamina. Get started today.

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online…

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Our new VibraTrim Program will be launching soon!

Do you want to lose some weight?

Are you feeling too unfit or unmotivated to really make any headway?

Try our VibraTrim Program where finding the trimmer, fitter you could be so easy it’s just like cheating!

The vibraTrim Program uses Vibration Training to make it much easier to get started no matter how unfit you are and as a member you will have a yearly access to the tools you will need to stay motivated and get trim, taut and terrific (we know you already are terrific so we are starting right there).

Some of the amazing tools you will enjoy on the VibraTrim Program include:

  • eBooks explaining exactly how to balance your leptin and your insulin for best results
  • eBooks explaining just how to use the Vibration Platforms as a slimming device
  • Membership to the VibraTrim Club
  • Social site just for members so you can make new friends, ask questions of the forum and our experts forms groups and networks and stay motivated.
  • Online tracking software so you can track your weight loss, dietary and exercise in your online diary
  • Online workout and teaching videos of just how to use the Vibration Platforms for great results, more exercises you can use and motivation and goal setting seminars via video to keep you on track.
  • Access to subliminal, audio and written motivational aids
  • Online store with a members discount for access to all your need

We will be opening our VibraTrim Program doors soon: so stay tuned for the announcement!

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Do You Sabotage Your Exercise Plan? Zen it instead!

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The word

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Love this post by Lifehack today, it outlines something I have recommended to my clients for years, the wording is a little different from what I would use, however the idea is exactly the same.

We often sobotage our good intentions, whether it is to exercise, to eat more healthily or pretty much anything by the way we think about it. It can seem like an enormous mountain we have to climb that gets bigger and bigger every time we look at it. This is about the time we begin to find excuses why we cannot do ‘it’ today, why we can wait until later (and never get to it).

The answer in my usual language is to remember to take ‘baby steps.’ Taking baby steps into any new enterprise means that you never do more than you want to do, this helps to override the usual self-sabotage we give ourselves when our perception tells us it is all too hard.

The biggest problem with a new exerciswe program is that we often start out by feeling enthusiastic and we go at it like a bull at a gate and end up sore and tired. Take this advice from the Lifehack post:

“As In her book “This year I will…”, Andy Ryan, an expert in collaborative thinking, spells out why such a gung-ho approach doesn’t work:

Whenever we initiate change, even a positive one, we activate fear in our emotional brain….If the fear is big enough, the fight-or-flight response will go off and we’ll run from what we’re trying to do.”

There is a very interesting Japanese philosophy called Kaizen which can help us do that. Kaizen  focuses on continuous but small change.

Andy Ryan explains:

The small steps in Kaizen don’t set off fight or flight, but rather keep us in the thinking brain, where we have access to our creativity and playfulness.

Let’s take a look at how that could be applied to physical exercise. I’ll take running as an example. Could you run for 15 seconds? Most people can. With the philosophy of Kaizen, you could say that if can run for 15 seconds, you can learn to run for a minute – and even for an hour. How?

Follow this simple running plan. Add 15 seconds each day.

Day 1#  Run for 15 seconds
Day 2#  Run for 30 seconds
Day 3#  Run for 45 seconds
And so on…

It will seem ridiculously easy! Do this for a about forty days, and you’ll be running for 10 minutes. A month later, and you’ll be running for 20 minutes. By that time your running habit will be well established. But it will have happened naturally!

You can apply the same principle to establishing any exercise. Whether it’s yoga, or swimming, or walking.

The important thing is keep to your plan. You may feel that you could easily do more than the prescribed amount of exercise, but please rein in your enthusiasm. Just do the requisite amount, and not more. This is the trick to establishing an exercise habit without stress or strain.” Stepcase Lifehack

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online…

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WOW! Our New Mens Pages Have Dr Hardbody On Board

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Dr Hardbody - Get the Body Women Want

Dr Hardbody - Get the Body Women Want

Yes you heard it here first folks, Dr Hardbody Mr Vaughn  Guenter is our resident expert on men’s fitness and body building, you can read his articles for free right onsite, in our new mens pages titled MEN.

Just in case you are amongst the few who haven’t heard of Vaughn, Dr Hardbody is a certified personal trainer with over 15 years experience in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. The ultimate David and Goliath combinations, he earned a doctorate in Pholosophy and achieved representative status in soccer, cricket, tennis and martial arts before going on to win a National Bodybuilding Competition.

His articles onsite cover the gamit of bodybuilding tips:

Training to Pick Up Women (every mans dream)

Chest by Design (tips on how to get the chest you want)

A Call to Arms (bulging biceps)

The Shoulder Moulder (Atlas’s shoulders)

The Heat is On – Fat Burning Tips (lose weight, burn fat)

Inventing the Abs (get a six pack)

Getting a Leg Up (legs to die for)

Or you can access all 7 articles in one convenient eBook right from our site.

Guys who would like to have the kind of body that attracts women you will find all the tips, tricks and workout information you need right here on our site.

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5 Ways to Get Fit and Slim Fast

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Good Post here by JC at the “Really Useful Fitness Blog”

“5 Things Anyone Can do to Lose Fat and Get Fit Fast”

1. Energize Yourself

Ways you can do this include getting enough sleep, eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and exercising regularly.

2. Eat an all natural diet

I agree with this lots of good fresh fruit and vegetables, good quality protien, good oils, and whole grains; perferably in that order. Please also include some high quality wholefood supplements in your diet that are what we call nutrient dense (our soils do not contain enough minerals and we need to make sure we are getting high enough amounts of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes).

3. Do high intensity exercise a few times per week

High intensity exercise is a great way to burn fat and boost your heart, if you find this difficult try looking at a vibration platform to get you fit enough to workout at a high intensity (it can make it so much easier). Also it has now been scientifically proven that creating small bursts of intensity within a workout can be just as or more useful than a full high intensity workout. So in a ratio of a count of 8 to 12; go hard for 8 seconds and slower for 12 repeat until workout is finished.

4. Do strength training

Resistance training is vital to keep your bones strong and your muscles toned, and toned muscles accelerate your metabolism and burn unwanted fat; this can be done with weights your body weight or on a vibration platform.

5. Snack often

This is what I like to call grazing, graze at your food rather than try to eat it all in one sitting at a meal. Grazing is a natural way of eating and can actually help to raise your metabolism. One caution: if you are insulin resistant or leptin resistant this will be counterproductive until you have it under control. See my eBook “Sick, Tired & Overweight” for more information on this and the recommendations for these metabolic syndromes.

These are all great recommendations with certain proviso’s, not all of us are young enough or slim enough to tackle them straight away. I want you all to know that there are ways for everyone to get to the place in their journey where they can read a blog like this and know that they can use all of these recommendations easily.

Taking care to educate yourself on the proper lifestyle recommendations if you are older or have a metabolic syndrome (the modern epidemic) or are already overweight and find it difficult to exercise (use a vibration platform to speed up your weight loss and toning) you can be healthy and slim.

Be Fit! Be Well! Do it online…

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Slim the Easy Way: With A Vibration Platform

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The simple explanation for slimming is this: all weight loss is about the dynamic between what we eat (energy in) and what we do during our day (energy out). Activation of our muscles during exercise of any kind burns calories, whether we work at a labour intensive job or we get our daily exercise another way it is this we must keep in mind.

What about Vibration Platforms? Do they really activate muscles and burn calories? Will using Vibration Training really make a difference to the rate at which I burn those calories

Vibration Training works because during a workout on a vibration platform, involuntary reflex movements of the muscles occur, just by standing on it without any other voluntary movements. In a comparison with a workout using voluntary movements – only approximately 30% of your muscles are recruited. During the involuntary responses when using a vibration platform approximates 100% of your muscle cells are activated as the body uses all its muscle fibres in response to the hyper-gravity caused by the vibration plate.

Just by standing on the platform, the stimulation of the muscle fibres could be likened to a light aerobic workout. A more advanced response through higher speed and a workout designed to create an anaerobic response (very athletic), has a hormonal effect causing your protein mass to increase which raises your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), thus burning more calories while resting.

As a result your body fat percentage will change. How much depends on your dietary and lifestyle habits.

Training on a vibration platform can be performed with either static postures or dynamic exercises. Static postures are where you get yourself into the required position, and hold the position without any motion for the selected period. Dynamic exercises involve a range of motion during the selected period, for example pushing up and down into a squat.

The vibration platform also removes excess lactic acid from the body and so most of the soreness that results from working out is also eliminated and your motivation is no longer depleted by this all too frequent excuse. Vibration training has proven to be useful in raising energy levels, increasing the production of the ‘happy’ hormones and so helping to create feelings of wellbeing, motivation and happiness in even depressed individuals.

The vibrations increase the production of regenerative and repair hormones (Like HGH), improve blood circulation in skin and muscles, strengthen bone tissue, improve lymph drainage and increase the basal metabolic rate. All this results in more strength, more speed, more stamina, rapid recovery of muscles and tissue, increased flexibility, mobility and coordination, anti-cellulitis effect, collagen improvement, and fat reduction.

There is also a direct relationship between the speed at which the vibration platform oscillates and the rate at which your muscles move. The rapid movements causes your body to burn large amounts of energy, therefore emptying cells of their stored carbohydrates. The higher the speed the more rapidly your body will burn fat, and this kind of effort cannot be recreated by any gym or fitness regime. The reason for the large amount of energy burning, is the almost 100% recruitment of your muscle fibres when using the vibration platform.

Vibration training also improves circulation and lymphatic flow, and healthy circulation of both blood and lymph help to detoxify the body and remove waste and fat from the body. This can help speed up your weight loss and to help create general wellbeing throughout the body, boosting the immune system and cleaning out toxins from your body.
I bought my very own platform last week and have been using in the prescribed formula for weight loss, so stay tuned for more news on how well it has been working for me… I can’t wait to tell you my results!

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online   

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Give Yourself A Better Rear View With Hip Sculpting Moves

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Does my butt look big in this? Where have we heard that before? But it’s true isn’t we all worry whether we overfill or underfill our jeans either way, it doesn’t give us a great rear view. What can you do about it?

Well, if you’re wanting to fill out your favourite pair of jeans, or perhaps trim your hips you will need to target the lower body with some real maximising and aerobic moves that will give you the butt you want. Why is it so tough to get your lower half in shape?

The muscles of the lower body make up the largest percentage of muscle mass in the body, and working them means you will need to engage multiple muscles with compound exercises, and combine that with aerobic conditioning for the best results. Try Incorporating these moves into your workout and check your rear vision often as you watch your butt become jean friendly.

First of all before we start lets talk about form, you will not get the results you want if your form is off, and you might even injure yourself. So practice each move in slow motion until you know you have it down, try doing it in front of a mirror to check your form.

What you are looking to do is some lunges, squats, and leg presses; these exercises have quite a lot in common to make sure of proper form, such as:

  • keep your body weight on the heel of your foot, you can test that you have it right by wriggling or lifting your toes, in your shoes. If your body weight is on the heel your toes should move freely. This way you will engage the muscles in the back of the leg more, the glutes and hamstrings, and place less stress on your knees.
  • Use a mirror to make sure that you knees are directly over or slightly behind your ankles. When doing squats it is ok to have the knees line up with the toes, but no further. If you haven’t got a mirror, look down and if you can see your toes, you’re in the right position, if you can’t adjust your position.
  • Keep your spine erect, shoulders back and chest out, as you move downward during the exercise, it’s easy to allow your body to fall forward. Be careful as this can cause back stress and it prevents the targeted muscles from doing their job.

Now focus on moving or flowing through a complete range of motion, to engage the muscles more directly and make them work harder for best results. Bend deeply through the hip and thigh when doing lunges, squats and leg presses. If after all this you are still not feeling it, try adding some weight to your activity, some hand or shoulder weights added progressively can add the challenge you need. Finally don’t forget about your friend repetition, add more reps to help you give yourself that fine looking rear view and wear those jeans with pride.

Be Fit! Be Well! do it online!

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