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When was the last time you went for a walk? Not the dutiful early morning walk, just because you have to get your daily 30 minutes of exercise. I mean a real walk.

A walk on the beach, or in a park with your dog, or your kids or both… or just hand in hand with your partner. You know the kind of walk when you stare at the sky, touch a tree as you pass by, count clouds, kick sand or even watch the moon watch you in the first darkness of an early evening.

Can’t you just feel yourself relax as you read these words?

To tell you the truth it has been a while for me too. Until I tripped over to Perth and to my daughters wedding. It was held on a golf course as my new son-in-law is a rabid golfer and as members of the club the wedding was held there. We walked the greens and for me as a non-golfer it brought back my love of walking in the bush, enjoying the sounds of the trees and the birds and the ultimate relaxation that walking for fun can bring.

AND don’t forget the ultimately 6km workout! I didn’t even notice it go by… but I knew all about it the next day. Utlimately walking can bring you lots of great benefits and… it’s free.

Go on take a walk, walk hand in hand with someone you love, walk with your kids and wear them out so they will sleep early or walk your dog he/she will love you even more or even take up golf. You will love the way you feel afterward, relaxed, happy, cheerful and toned. You couldn’t ask for more…

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Get Out, Get Fit and Get a Life!

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Your onto your 3rd cup of coffee for the morning and surreptitiously eating red frogs from your desk drawer hoping to find some energy in the bottom of your cup.

So many of us are ‘surfing the net’ and staying at the desk during our breaks, and it does help to create a feeling of busy-ness, as if we’re doing something, but if you really want to boost your work effort, you creativity levels and your brain power, and your happiness, all while getting fit and healthy. Get up from that chair, go outside and take a walk.

Those emails will wait, those blogs will get written when you get back from your walk, and furthermore they will be more creative and more organised. Your walk will have stimulated the release of happy hormones (e.g. endorphins) and vital neurotransmitters and you will be sparking on all levels.

Perhaps we need to have a chat with the boss about making morning walks a part of the work day, productivity would boom and employees would be happier, all round a win-win situation.

Be Fit! Be Well!

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